Wednesday, June 15, 2011



My thoughts are haunted
I close my eyes
All I see is your face
The darkness of that night
My face
Buried in your neck
Never have I seen such
A wicked
Smile on your lips
You moan, you purr
Underneath the stars
You bit your lip
My God, my heart
Your kiss is so hungry
I love it, I want it
Your smile is so playful
I love, I need it
Your mouth opens
Your lips, your teeth, your tongue
They consume my finger
The words you whisper
I gasp and my blood rushes
Such a delicious secret
Such delightful knowledge

Never doubt for a moment
That I love you

And not just because
You're half-naked

Poem, 4-12-2010

Time is Fleeting

All the wonders
and the splendors
of Eden before him;
All the beasts
and plants.
Lonely was Adam.
"All these things
great and small,
I give my thanks,
but I am alone.
Please, make for me
A companion."
God smiled.
Adam slept.
Thus Eve.

I'm not really sure what was going through my mind when I wrote that, but I was re-reading my little pocket journal and found the poem and thought I'd post it here on the intarweebs for all of my readers to see. Both of you. Heh.