Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've Got a New Hat

eBay. Ever my friend. Ever my mortal foe. Skywarp is humming pleasantly along with twice the RAM he had before. From 768 to 1536. Mmm, 1.5 GB of RAM on a 1.32 (overclocked from 1.2) GHz Celeron Tualatin. Maxed out my motherboard. But there's a noticable difference, and I haven't even played FFXI with it yet. Just noticed the normal processes speeding up.

Point the second. My computer is probably one of the most secure personal computers ever. On top of Zone Alarm Pro, the router's firewall, XP's firewall, and Spybot S&D, I now have Norton Internet Security 2005 Anti-Spyware Edition. Hurray for the fringe benefits of my job! Free Norton!

And to finally be on topic with my headline, I found the most coolest cap ever. A Decepticon cap. Black. Purple outline Decepticon symbol on the front, purple trim along the bill with a full icon in the left-hand corner of the bill. Very cool. At least to me.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

I Blame My Habit

So many hours of my life I can never get back. All thanks to this ridiculously addictive little game I feel the need to pay monthly to play. Ah, Final Fantasy XI. I really did enjoy this game the first time around as Grimm. Though I didn't play very smart, then. It was hard enough to find a decent party for leveling, and I didn't get into making enough money to afford surviving long enough to enjoy the levels I was reaching. I prefer to go solo, then party as needed for tougher stuff. But this time around, Iustis, level 11 Warrior on the Siren server (in the event anyone cares to stalk me online), has taken to logging. It is lucrative and awards me many levels as I must fight off a bunch of orcs in my usual tree-chopping spot. Haven't really leapt forward in the plot as I did last time, though, which is fine for me. I know most of what's ahead of me for a while anyway, having played long, long ago. Still not sure where I'm going to take Iustis, though. With Grimm, I wanted a Dark Knight, which is a quest in and of itself. Simplest explanation: At level 30, I can go off and get specialer classes, such as the Dark Knight class. Then I get to start over at level 1 all over again. But, I can also go on a quest to get a subclass so that my 30+ levels of whatever don't go to waste. The subclass is at half your current main job level. So that a level 60 Dark Knight can have 30 levels of Warrior skills backing it up. Rah. That's a lot of damage doing. I might try for Paladinhood. Or I might Go Dark Knight, then Paladin making for a massively massive screwball of a class. I like that idea. I'll start on it right now.

Also, I saw most of Eurotrip tonight messing around on Heather and Susannah's computers. Again. I will miss that hour and a half. I mourn the waste of the time I could have spent not watching a movie produced by MTV studios.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Compulsive Geekery

So I had a plan. This plan involved taking the old guts from Skywarp (once he is upgraded) and placing them in a second computer (tentatively Nemesis Prime.) I would also replace the current blue lighted fans with the purple, once I got the upgrade parts. But then I saw a steal on eBay for 8 purple LED fans. An a $15 purple neon tube for $3. So Skywarp is all black and purple like he should be. I have also procured the first of four parts needed for an upgrade. This being the motherboard. I found an AMD Athlon 64 capable motherboard in black with purple slots. And it's a Soyo board, so you know it's good. Soon, precious, very soon. But speaking of named products, let's give a roll-call, shall we?

Skywarp - Desktop PC
1.2 GHz Celeron
768 MB RAM

Megatron - Laptop PC
2.0 GHz Pentium 4
512 MB RAM

Galvatron - PS2

Starscream - CD Player

Noticing a trend?

well there's a reason for the things I have on

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Time of Upgrade

Well, my wireless carddecided it wanted to poop out on me. I was not impressed. So my plan was to purchace a USB Wireless adapter as I clocked out, right then and there, badabing badaboom. Nope, no such luck. I left my card in my shorts pocket from last night. Which was a mostly pleasant evening at the ol' Plum Krazy's. So I came home and changed and went back. Sure, I could have just used the laptop for internet usage, but when you're downloading seasons of cartoons like the Transformers, you need Skywarps storage space. And when you want to play FFXI, you need the computer it's installed on. And to heck with the PCI card. The USB adapters gets a better connection anyway. Maybe when I build Nemesis Prime from Skywarp's old components, I reuse the wireless PCI card. Not long until I do that.

In other news, I got a massive spam comment in my last post. It's huge! Everyone should say bad things about blogger user tybx96xpno.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spam, a long time coming

As you may have seen earlier today, my previous post was host to four spam comments. This is a first for the Tome of Grey. It sucks, but in another light, it's kinda cool. It means my sight gets enough traffic to be worthwhile for someone's spam. I wish I could edit comments, but instead I can only delete them. *Sigh* Now I have to moderate my comments as though it was some forum. Before long mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers will be having flame wars. It's the end!

it's the end of the world as we know it

Monday, August 08, 2005


Isn't that how the title of the movie was spelled? Ah, seven. A complete number. Holy, even, in many cultures. And that, my friends, is how many blue 4 LED fans I have in my computer now. Two days a go I ordered a part from an online store based in, get this, California. Now, in order to save on shipping, and because I was in no hurry for the part, I had it shipped USPS Super Saver. Wait time of, supposedly, 10-15 days. Got here before I got home today. TODAY! What was this mystery part? It was an adapter that allowed me to connect an 80mm fan to my processor, where normally a 60mm fan would sit. So then.

2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the back of the case.
2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the front of the case.
2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the power supply (which, as previously mentioned, I had to modifiy to get them in there. Bwahaha.)
1 80 mm blue 4 LED case fan where my CPU fans should be.

ph34r m3 m4d sk!llz, j0

Friday, August 05, 2005

My Reign is Secured

Once again, I have worked my technomagery! First, I did procure a powered screwdriver. I had wanted one for some time, but this time I had a need! It was for the Second Task which became, incidentally, the Third Task. For the Second became the attainment of a flourescent bulb! Why, you may ask, did I get a flourescent lightbulb? Because my room becomes far, far too warm with a regular incandescent bulb. Three cheers for cool light sources. The Third Task set before me this evening was replacing the fans in my power supply. Not because I had to, but because the fans in there were plain and, they being 80mm, could be replaced by a pair of 4 LED case fans! So I did! But I needed the power screwdriver, as my hand alone could not produce the torque needed to unscrew the top of the PSU (power supply unit). Them sumbitches was on tiiiight. So now my computer is chock as full as I can make it with blue LED fans. 6 of them fellas. The Fourth Task of Geekery was healing, then killing, then fully resurrecting an older model PS2. The laser, it seems, was out of alignment. So I realigned it. Then, since it was half disassembled anyway, I finished the break down. Not too much was learned, but I was able to clean it out a bit, at least. But, being ADD, I didn't pay attention as closely as I should so I crossed some wires in the reassemble. But only on the on/off switch. So quick switch back and I have a fully operational PS2 for $20. Huzzah.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Look, ma, I'm on the teevee!

Ok, so TNT (easily the third best TV channel on the air right now behind number two Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network at number one*) has this new show, Wanted. The premise is an EZ company of guys from the LAPD, ATF, FBI, DEA, and Naval Intelligence are all put together for the purpose of catching LA's 100 most wanted criminals. There's a surprising range of character archetypes. There's the typical Scoundrel, the Underestimated Girl in the Boys' Club, the Tough Bald Guy, the Grizzled Captain, the "Edgy" Noncomformist/Tech Geek. These are things you can find in a lot of hackneyed crappy action movies. The thing that sets it apart is the ATF guy. He's big, tough, angry and Christian, but without the preachiness. Seems to be very personal with his faith. On top of all of that, he's a virgin. A virgin! When was the last time you saw a virgin on tv? Crappy family sit-com on Friday night? That whiny, nerdy, weakling virgin on the primetime teen/young adult drama-comedy cookie cutter clone? Yeah. This one's badass. I made it on TV!

Don't ask me why I didn't post this Sunday night. When it was on. I just now thought of it.

Also, the grenadine in the hookah with the cherry molasses tobacco was muy excellente

*Sci-Fi being second only because it's got one night of superb programming, Friday, which is the only night when Cartoon Network lacks good programs. Otherwise it'd be a tie.

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