Monday, August 08, 2005


Isn't that how the title of the movie was spelled? Ah, seven. A complete number. Holy, even, in many cultures. And that, my friends, is how many blue 4 LED fans I have in my computer now. Two days a go I ordered a part from an online store based in, get this, California. Now, in order to save on shipping, and because I was in no hurry for the part, I had it shipped USPS Super Saver. Wait time of, supposedly, 10-15 days. Got here before I got home today. TODAY! What was this mystery part? It was an adapter that allowed me to connect an 80mm fan to my processor, where normally a 60mm fan would sit. So then.

2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the back of the case.
2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the front of the case.
2 80mm blue 4 LED case fans in the power supply (which, as previously mentioned, I had to modifiy to get them in there. Bwahaha.)
1 80 mm blue 4 LED case fan where my CPU fans should be.

ph34r m3 m4d sk!llz, j0


thatweirdgirl said...

i feel the need to translate: Fear my mad skills, yo.


Static said...

That's it.

When I get home, I'm going to slap th3 sh1t out of you.

Jerod said...

Could you hit him at least once more for me? I'd appreciate it.

Julien Grey said...

Wow. I've been spammed. Let's see if I can't delete some of those spam comments. Must be moving up in the world if I've caught spamming attention, though.