Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Look, ma, I'm on the teevee!

Ok, so TNT (easily the third best TV channel on the air right now behind number two Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network at number one*) has this new show, Wanted. The premise is an EZ company of guys from the LAPD, ATF, FBI, DEA, and Naval Intelligence are all put together for the purpose of catching LA's 100 most wanted criminals. There's a surprising range of character archetypes. There's the typical Scoundrel, the Underestimated Girl in the Boys' Club, the Tough Bald Guy, the Grizzled Captain, the "Edgy" Noncomformist/Tech Geek. These are things you can find in a lot of hackneyed crappy action movies. The thing that sets it apart is the ATF guy. He's big, tough, angry and Christian, but without the preachiness. Seems to be very personal with his faith. On top of all of that, he's a virgin. A virgin! When was the last time you saw a virgin on tv? Crappy family sit-com on Friday night? That whiny, nerdy, weakling virgin on the primetime teen/young adult drama-comedy cookie cutter clone? Yeah. This one's badass. I made it on TV!

Don't ask me why I didn't post this Sunday night. When it was on. I just now thought of it.

Also, the grenadine in the hookah with the cherry molasses tobacco was muy excellente

*Sci-Fi being second only because it's got one night of superb programming, Friday, which is the only night when Cartoon Network lacks good programs. Otherwise it'd be a tie.

soy el grande hombre


Static said...

Further similarity. . .he's not a "proud" virgin, or an "ashamed" virgin. . .just very matter-of-fact about it. . .like you.

Also, he's tough as nails. . .and got a MEAN streak when pushed. . .and you can tell that all of these criminals get his blood boiling. I think we're going to see alot of "righteous fury" issues with this character.

thatweirdgirl said...

*is confused*

I don't watch that channel so endulge my this a reality show?

thatweirdgirl said...

Oh yeah, can you spell check on my last post? Thanks!

Static said...

Nope. . .not a reality show.

It stars Gary Cole as the leader of the team. . .one of my favorite "Working Actors".

You might recognize the Christian character as the white Quarterback from "Remember The Titans". .. the one who was paralyzed in the car crash near the end of the movie.