Monday, December 31, 2007

Jed & Dark, vol. 2

Yes, folks, I'm beginning this madness once again. The sprite sheet rebuild will slow down any plot, so the first bunch of episodes will likely be contrite means of introducing my new sprites. Huzzah and all that. Happy New Year!

return of the mac

Friday, December 07, 2007

Holidays...OF DOOM!!!1

Not really, of course. It's just fun to put "OF DOOM!!!1" at the end of something. So here's some quick-fire updates.

Work is still good. Not being broke is immensely useful. I'm working out a budget and/or plan to get a lot of things back on track which all should go into effect at the start of the year. Saving! Investing! Oh my!

The cats are, well, cats. But they seem to be happy and healthy enough, and that's all that really needs to be said about that, I think.

Once a room is cleaned, it doesn't take all that much to keep it that way. Who would have thought? Maybe those parent types actually knew something after all. Kinda scary, huh?

Yay party this weekend! It'll be good to see all my Charlotte ren-friends again. There's something comforting and almost medieval about Phil parties. We show up, we eat, drink, laugh. There's a pack of dogs rolling about all over the place. We sleep where we crash and start over again the next day. Truly, an image of Heorot. And this suits my blood just fine.

It's finally close enough to Christmas for me to not hate incessant Christmas music. I spent most of last night organizing my collection of songs, as well as ripping a lot of cds I'd forgotten I had into iTunes. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" has always been one of my favorite Christmas carols/hymns. "Oh Holy Night," "Carol of the Bells," and "Angels We Have Heard on High" rank pretty high up the list, too. Add in a mix of Manheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra into a blend of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Burl Ives and you've got my mix o' Christmas songs. And the ubiquitous Barenaked Ladies version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" with Sarah McLachlan because it's just that awesome.

I should probably get back to work.

come thou dayspring

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get Comfortable...

...this is going to be a long one.

Mostly because it's been over a month since my last post. Heh.

First and foremost, faire was a blast and I'm sorry it's over. My body and sleep schedule aren't, but I am. The kids were absolutely fantastic this year. They're a hit with everyone there. Or at least anyone that Chris and I have deemed worthy of consideration. Each weekend their drum jam got more and more spectacular, and it seems the last weekend was beyond phenomenal. Our good friend, Pirate Lisa, inducted each of the guards as honorary members of the Order of St. Anne, which is a real and good and true order of some note. The kids also received the Director's Choice award from Matt, our kind, benevolent and patient entertainment director this year. It has a place of honor in it's temporary location over my mantle in the living room. The cast party was fun, as it always is. I tried pumpkin beer/ale for the first time. So good! And I ate myself stupid. Huzzah! Really, the only reason we put up with ren faire and spend all the time, effort and money to go is the free booze and food after the last day. Heh. Hannah and I are already planning for next year, as are many of the kids. She's insisted on making me a couple of new doublets for next season. Twist my arm.

Speaking of next season, Chris and I are conspiring mightily. If one can even do that. We're currently researching the steps and such necessary to incorporate as a 501c(3) non-profit organization. He's really excited about the notion of carrying on the tradition of his leadership academy at what once was Imani Institute. The Lofton Academy/Foundation/Institute, which would be part summer camp, part after-school program. And the best and brightest from the program would be given the chance to join the CRF cast as royal guards in the years to come. The royal guards showing the highest promise would be given a chance to branch out as their own characters, or to move on to the Fairhaven militia, which would require more thought, reliability, self-sufficiency, independence and responsibility than the Royal Guard. Or at least that's the notion at the moment.

Next season also looks good for me, as far as characters go. I didn't get to play a prince this year, because we had no king. If I were the queen's younger brother, and she were unwed, she'd not be queen and I'd be king, not prince. Hence, no prince for me. But it looks good for next year. We've got one or two really good candidates going for it next year, and I've got a good working relationship with both of them. But I'm all for Tom getting it. For no other reason than so Chris doesn't. Bwa-ha-ha. I will outrank him on stage! Though it'll be tough to let go of Captain Grey if I do get to play as Prince William next year. He's a very familiar beast to me. And I'll miss being directly involved with the guard I've struggled so hard to create over the last eight years. Granted, I'll still be in charge behind the scenes. And if I were prince, I could, technically give orders, but it's not the same as being the Captain of the Guard. It's just been so much a part of me for so long. But if I get the chance, I'm gonna take it. So there.

The apartment is starting to look like a habitable space again. I've made the living room back into a living room, no bachelor crash space. With the money I got from faire, I was able to afford a decent, inexpensive vacuum. Though I've probably put a year's worth of wear on the thing just vacuuming the living room. God knows when it was cleaned last. But it's already made a profound impact on the appearance of the place. I cleaned out the front closet, which houses the litter box, too. I made good headway, cleaned out all the trash, but it'll still need a little work again relatively soon. I must be getting old if it feels good to clean. Hmm.

And I start a new job on Monday. Intrex just isn't what I thought it would be. Promises made aren't being kept, and there's just no real money in it. Granted it was an alright job, and better than Best Buy, but it wasn't better enough. So I was just kinda looking around for stuff, and found a new competitor in town, Elite PC+. So I jumped ship and turned my coat inside out and I'll be making a little more money. With reviews every 6 months, not annually. It's kinda funny, too. I went in, asked if they were hiring, filled out an application. I checked back on it a few days later, and was told I would be called in a couple of days. The manager said if I didn't hear from him, to come in anyway. Turns out, he never intended to call, but was seeing if I'd come in. He scheduled an interview for this morning. And by "interview" he meant "come in so I can find out when you can start." I'm pleased with this arrangement.

The cats are fine, I'm reading a lot, and I'm cooking and eating healthier. Not that it'll matter after Thanksgiving, but you do what you can.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boo! Hiss! Slacker!

So it's been a few days, wanna fight about it?

A lot's been going on, and I haven't been able to sleep in since mid-September. Busy little bee. Two weekends of Faire down and things are going well. There were some paperwork issues, but those have been handled. Wes even got to teach the kids some stage combat techniques, very cool. The weather could have been cooler and there could have been some rain at some point ever, but so far the biggest complaints I have are climate and the hour at which I have to get up. Can't do a whole lot about either, so I do with what I have.

Work is work. It's not bad. I have mostly good days. I enjoy what I do. The other day I had to deal with Midget Lord Fontleroy and his bureaucratic control over the tech bench in Greensboro, but I've dealt with worse examples of douchery. He really can't complain about me working on my own machine when he won't let me work on anything new on account of me not being there but two days. Make up your mind, man. I could much rather like not having to drive to Winston-Salem three days a week. Even if I'm going from the shortest distance between the there and here to work, it's still taxing on me, my car, and my gas money.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Hannah will be there instead of at drill, huzzah, and it's supposed to rain this week, so maybe Fairhaven won't be a gorram dustbowl.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Clockwork Orange

Today, after work, I picked up a new kitty. He's a little orange kitten. I have named him Clockwork. I will get some pictures of him as soon as I charge my batteries. He's a fiesty little guy, and hungry, apparently. But he and DT seem to be getting along alright after just a few hours. Mostly calm. And, oddly, it's little CW that's instigating most of the scuffles. Things should smooth out soon enough. I just hope this helps DT be a little less prone to separation anxiety.

it's people! soylent green is peee-heee-heee-puuuuullll!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes we're men!

Today was a manly sort of day. I got up around noon all by myself. Remarkable given my tendency to sleep in much later on Fridays. I got up and I got everything ready to change the oil and such in the Lincoln. I've changed oil in cars before. I know how to change the oil in a car. But I didn't know specifically how to do so for the Lincoln. So I checked my Hayes' Manual and got all my stuff out and I lift the car up, put it on jack stands, squeezed under it (not a lot of room, even jacked up) and saw I needed a bigger socket than what I had. Crap. So a run to K-Mart and Wal-Mart later, I have a new wrench set to go with my socket set and some new spark plugs. Huzzah! Get under it again, drain the oil, wiggle out, turn the wheels, get the filter out, replace filter, seal up oil pan, and bob's your uncle. I also did the air filter, but that's a nothing change there. I'll replace the headlamps a little later and as soon as I can get some help, I'll do the spark plugs. I thought those would be easier, but not so much. I need skinnier arms, really.

But at least for a few hours, I was "real man." Lost all grease-monkey points I gained, though, when I got a flourescent bulb for the "Geek Cave" to keep the room cooler for my computer. Heh.

macho macho man

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adventures in Bachelor Cuisine

I am not worried about my ability to cook anything ever. Tonight I combined leftover egg noodles, a box of shells and cheese, garlic and spices, a can of spinach and some Parmesan cheese into something easily edible! I had to put some italian seasoned bread crumbs into it to thicken it up a bit it was otherwise fine!


Great Jeeaaaarrrrreerrraaarrrrbb!

I am officially on salary with Intrex as of today. I turned in all my insurance paperwork along with my time sheet for this last pay period this week. And if things turn out the way Curtis (District Manager) says it will, I should be Lead Technician at the Winston store before too long. Which will help make that commute worth the money a little more. My "hourly" rate in the salary isn't all that much different from what I was making when I left Best Buy, but I have benefits (vision, dental, AND medical) and a guaranteed 40 hours a week. So that means more money, seeing as how a good week at Best Buy meant 32 hours instead of 28. Huzzah, and all that. And that Lead Technician bonus would be mighty sweet, it would. We'll see how that goes.

More news as it happens.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't hold your breath.

Cause you'll pass out or something. Kill brain-whojawhatsits.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was, at least as far as posts go, holding my breath. I had an interview with Greensboro Day not too long ago and I was waiting to say anything about it until I heard back from them. On account of me not wanting to jinx it and all. But it's been too long waiting and not posting anything. Bad me or something. Heh.

Intrex is a good job. There's potential, and this seems more realistic than anything ever was a Best Buy. And I'm making a little bit more than I was in the ol' Geek Squad and there's a lot of side benefits. A "busy" moment in the store is 5 customers. That creates a significantly smaller portion of People Stupid going around. There's at most 5 people working on any given day, and that's if the District Manager is there. The managers, even the DM, are pretty down to earth. That's a first for me. I'm used to DM's being these mysterious Black Shirt SS types coming in with fire and fear as their weapons. With a swish of their pen, you could find yourself banished from the light! But Curtis is more like unto a store level manager in terms of relationship. But then, any given store is no bigger than a department, employee-wise, at a big box retailer. And everything is blissfully more laid back. I pretty much just do my thing and I get left alone to do it. Joy! I have to help "the floor" sometimes, but everyone does. Big whoop. The best part is, come the 7th, I'll be on salary. Some people don't like salary, but I do. At least in this particular scenario. I already get an hour lunch. With a lunch that long, I don't mind working longer. The longest day I could ever have is 10 hours. From 10AM to 8PM. But that's not ever likely to happen. I don't ever have to be there earlier than when the store opens, since only the opening manager has a key and he always shows up at opening time. And I don't ever have to stay one minute past my shift. Ever. It's a good job. And since I'm El Floato Tech between Winston and the Southwest Greensboro store, I'll be getting a little extra compensation for the travel. Even more on top of that is the productivity bonuses and Curtis has me ear-marked to help start up an On-Site program in Greensboro. The initial radius? Within 10 miles of the store. To help make this make sense on how awesome this is, I live just under 2 miles from the SW Greensboro store. I'd be doing work in my own neighborhood. It's just a sweet setup.

Greensboro Day would, however, ultimately be a better job. The money would be about half again as much. The benefits are a little better, and I have the chance to re-negotiate my salary every year. So if I go and get a certification or two during the year, I can go in and work out a little more money for the next year. And it's a 10 month contract paid out over 12 months. Paid. Summer. Vacation. And I can always get a summer job if I want to make a little more. More so the dream job would this be. Even over the very exciting potential that Intrex has to offer.

Really, though, I just need to get bloody paid already. Intrex pays on a bi-monthly schedule, much like the military, according to Chris. Once at the 1st of the month and once on the 16th. Which means all the work I did from the 7th til the 15th I'll get paid for this Friday. And my first full paycheck I won't get until the 15th of September. Bleh.

Oh yeah, I had an adventure in vehicle repair this weekend. The Sunday before last, the starter went out on the Lincoln when I went out grocery shopping. Fun times. I wasn't until this past Friday that I was able to get a new starter, thanks to Doug's very much appreciated generosity. So Friday afternoon and into the early evening, I did my best to help Wes, and later Chris, put a new starter on the Lincoln in the Lowe's Foods parking lot. We even ended up replacing the battery terminals. Good times, good times. But it's all working again now. I went to have lunch with my mom, Randy, and Chase Sunday. I finally got my comic books and some other things along with some casserole dishes my mom was willing to part with. And as soon as we went to leave, the car wouldn't start. BLARGH!!! It turns out that the new terminals weren't as tight as they should have been and the exposed wire ends might be a little corroded. But Randy just took a socket wrench to them and it started right up. Whee.

Last night was fun, though. Hannah and I went to visit Pirate Lisa at her place to see Mars be all bright or whatever. I love astronomy, even if I don't know anything about it. But space and planets, stars, novas, nebulae, it's all so very cool to me. So we drove out to Denton and gathered around a little fire and chilled. I got too cloudy to see much of mars, but it was pretty cool getting to see this bright red dot in the night sky for a little while. The moon was gorgeous, though. Lisa lives way out away from any kind of city light, so the effect of a very bright full moon was much more pronounced. I've always loved that silver-blue light on a clear night. You could see well across the fields out by her house. A good time was had by all. Most were rennies of one sort or another, so as soon as there was alcohol, there were all manner of lewd and crude stories, jokes, and songs. A great time, really.

Today was sorta mundane. Just another work day, but that's nothing so bad. It's still a little uncomfortable in some things, especially financially (it's my own dumb fault I got canned and didn't look harder for something over the summer. Yadda yadda. I'm well aware of how I got into this mess.), but by mid-September, everything should be right as rain in that regard. Chris and Lani are mostly moved out and Doug is mostly moved into the master bedroom. Which means very soon I/we can start getting the apartment very awesome. I'm very excited about that.

There is one bad thing about working at Intrex, though. I have access to waaaaay too much awesome gear. I just built a great new PC in Skywarp, but I've seen the cutting edge up close and it's just so. very. cool. But I restrain myself. At least for now. I think this year I'll be able to participate in Intel's Retail Edge program and get a hold of a nice Quad Core CPU. If you don't know what that means, it's like a V-12 engine as far as performance goes. And most of everything else is a beat up four-banger 20 year old Ford Escort in comparison. Just sayin'

working in a gold mine

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Has Employment

The interview with Intrex went really well, it seems. They called me not 24 hours later to offer me a job. It's not Greensboro Day School, sadly, but it's still a big step up from Best Buy as far as potential is concerned. I'll be starting out making at least as much as I did when I left Best Buy with plenty of opportunities for bonuses and the like. I go in tomorrow at 10AM (bleh-ish) to start the paperwork and all that fun stuff. And it looks like they don't mind working with me on some weekends so I can work the Renaissance Festival with no hassles. Even better, the job I'm being offered has a SET schedule. I know what I'll be working every week unless someone asks me if I can make a change for a week. Huzzah! And even if I didn't have a set schedule, the store is only open for one "shift" anyway. The store never opens before 10PM and never closes later than 8PM. I can live with that. It looks like I might, might have to get up at 8-8:30AM at the earliest. And I doubt I'll ever have to be there later than 9PM. I'm really jazzed about the job. They offer health, vision, dental, 401(k). And the room for growth is good.

Also: I'm feeling a lot better now. Everything's gone except a little congestion, but the loratadine I got from Wal-Mart (generic Claritin) is helping that out a whole lot.

take the 8:15 into the city

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not Dead, Just Sick

Yeah. About a week ago I picked up some bug or another. No congestion at first, just that sudden creeping pain and fever that crawls up your back and up over your head. Flu-like in that regard. Felt fine at dinner, then like utter crap a few hours later. Fever's broke then come back a couple of times only now there's post-nasal drippage. Fun times, fun times. It's not terrible. I feel like I'm getting better. Less ache and little, if any, fever. It's really more groggy/funny feeling in the head than fever and ache now. There's no discoloration of mucus to suggest infection, at least. And I'm not really all that congested. Just enough to be really irritating, but not enough to be able to do anything with it like, I dunno, sneeze/cough/hack/blow it out. Bleh. I've had much worse.
Gross, perhaps a little too much information, but these are the things I think about when I'm sick. Very clinical. There's a lot of medical professionals in my family.

In good news, I have a job interview tomorrow at 11AM. Not with Greensboro Day School, though. I haven't heard anything from them, yet. Which is disappointing. I'd much rather have that job. But I got a call today from the District Manager of Intrex Computers today. They're a local-ish computer parts only outfit. It's retail-ish, but it's a job at least. I do, however, grow weary of having to explain why I don't work at Best Buy anymore. Actually, I get tired of having to do it in a way that doesn't come off as virulent and bitter. It's not easy. But yay interview? Especially considering they weren't hiring when I put in my application and test. Go figure that out.

iiii-hiii am a maaa-haaaan of constant sooorrroooowww...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I'd love to write a full review, but the book came out two days ago and I'm not really one for spoiling things. But I can give you a breakdown of some vague highlights, at least.

Read time: Two sittings. First Sitting: approx. 235 pages, 2 hours. Second Sitting: Finished the book, 6 hours.

So points I liked, in all their vague glory: Snape and Neville. These two characters get to shine, albeit kindly briefly. This was Harry's book and efforts alone, really. Not the solid team effort that the last two books were. The ending...was foreseeable. It was good, mind you, but not terribly surprising. That might be the only complaint I really have with the book. Some of the major points felt a little telegraphed. But maybe I'm just good at predicting things based on previous evidence. Did anyone else feel this way, or am I the only one? *shrug* Well worth the $20 and ten minutes we paid at K-Mart to pick it up Saturday at midnight in the morning.

darth severus. heh.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hannah Misses Snow

I couldn't think of a title. So sue me.

A lot has gone on since my last post. Heh. I'm all slow and can't blog anymore. Is ok. I've seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was ok, but felt more like And Now Some Highlights from the Book... But it was good. The biggest thing I wanted to see but missed was Neville growing a spine and coming into his own. I really think it could have been about an hour longer so as to shove in a little more depth, but it was good. It was certainly MILES better than Eragon, which is only topped by Legend of Earthsea in horrible book raping.

We had a very brief visitor stay with us recently. One night recently, Hannah found a little kitten wandering around under cars and chased her around outside trying to keep her out from under the cars. Chris finally caught the thing. She was a little black thing with a small spot of white fur on her chin and the toes of three feet were white with one back leg nearly all white. So Chris named her Broga, which means "boot" in Gaelic. She was weak, so they took her to the vet. She had worms, and was a little dehydrated. They got some meds and a little kitten formula. Unfortunately, she was just too sick. She was doing ok for a day or two, but in the end, the dehydration was just a little too severe. She started to get weak and cool and they took her to the vet again. The vet said she was just too dehydrated. She passed away at the vet's office the following morning. Lani was, of course, torn up, and Chris was a little, too. His paternal instincts are starting to kick in, it seems. But it was like I told Chris: it was just her time. At least we made her comfy for her last couple of days. She was loved, well-fed, warm. It's still sad. Lani and Chris have been going to the local pet store daily for "fuzz therapy" since she passed. They're definitely thinking of getting another cat when they get moved into the new place, which should start this week upcoming.

And I'm going to be looking into it for my place, too. DT's never been a lone cat, Ebony's always been around. And cats being social-ish creatures, it's usually good to keep them in pairs or so. Or at least, we always have. And as much as I'd love a dog, I don't like small ones, I don't have a yard, and I can't afford one right now. Maybe soon, though. I'd love a Corgi.

Job front: no one seems to be hiring around my place in retail. Odd. But I have heard from Greensboro Day School's Director of Technology, and my interview should be scheduled for sometime next week. Yay!

let it snow?

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Right. So. Transformers. Haaaa!!! So awesome!

Seriously. The film was fan service in a crystal glass on a silver platter next to plate full of bacon at a five star resort pool served by Chuck Norris. Beer-battered and deep-fried with a side of ranch dressing. Heh. It opened with Hasbro in big across the screen. And Peter Cullen coming on a voice-over intro. Optimus Prime! The real Optimus Prime!! Shia LaBeouf shined as Sam/Spike, he's grown as an actor since his Disney Days. And Bumblebee's car mode antics were hilarious. The only thing I didn't like was the movie didn't lend much characterization to the Decepticons. Oh, they were awesomely badass. Every one of them had their own version. Except maybe Frenzy, but he was hilarious anyway. I plan to see it again.

Hannah should be home tomorrow evening. Which means I need to bust my butt and clean the place up. Sigh. I've started a little bit. Tidied some things up in the kitchen and living room, but that whole zone of the apartment is a disaster area. And I don't have enough direct control over the room to clean it up all the way. But I can do my own room and the bathroom, at least. Bleh. I hate cleaning bathrooms. But...

Eh. It'll just be nice to have her "home" again. I've missed her.

my brown-eyed girl

Monday, July 02, 2007


This weekend was good.

I've been eating far more fruits and veggies than I had before, which puts me right at recommended dosage. I've been (attempting) to cut back on the fatty/fried foods and meats with limited, but some success. Hannah even mentioned that it looked like I might have lost a little weight. I'm ok with that. I certainly feel a little better, though not being able to sleep well is cutting into the getting-in-shape-itude.

I got to see the North Carolina National Guard 440th Army Band (Chris and Hannah both being members) play on Sunday. It was an awesome show. I love live concerts like that. They played in a little town called King, which is about 15-20 minutes north of Winston-Salem on 52. It was a good crowd, and they were all the Good Old Fashioned American Rural Types. Y'know, heart-felt flag wavers and the like. So many people came up after the concert and thanked them for coming out to play and for serving the country. One number the concert band does is a suite that includes all the songs for all the branches of the military. The commanding officer of the unit introduced the song and thanked the crowd for allowing them to play, at which point an audience member called back "No, thank you!" after which there was an immediate standing ovation. Before they even played the song. It was a powerful moment. I still get moved even now just thinking about it. After the concert everybody went back to the hotel for general hanging out, and I met a few more of Hannah's unit buddies. They all seem to think really highly of me, which is awesome. I chuckle, too, because Asshat, her ex, is in the unit, too, so he gets to stew in his own juices while she gets to be happy with me and everyone likes me a whole lot more than they seem to like him. Bwahaha! One of the people I met last night apparently works for Global Services. He seemed impressed by the way I carried myself and said to keep in touch with him, especially once I start going back to school. Networking, FTW!!!1

Today wasn't nearly as exciting. I got up a lot earlier than I would have otherwise preferred but Hannah and the rest had to get on the road to Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg. But I came home and took a nap, so it was ok in the end. I also went to Joann's and got the fabric I've been wanting for a cloak for CRF this fall. Me and The Sewing haven't seen each other since I was a freshman at East Rowan High School. Like ten years ago. So this could be very interesting. Very.

she wraps her cloak around her

Monday, June 25, 2007

18 Days Later...

Just checking in before I run some errands.

I've signed up with a temp agency for the summer. They were impressed with my test scores and think they can place me right away. I'm just waiting to hear back from them about a potential job. As a note, I uploaded my resume late Thursday, filled out their online application, and got a call first thing Friday morning. Yay me.

I was in Raleigh for the weekend and had a fairly good time. My days were a little dull, but Hannah was doing her Army band thing, so there was no help for it. Though I did get a lot of reading done. Yay new book!

Hannah and Chris are going to be gone until the 4th or 5th on their Annual Training Band-a-Thon thing. So I'm going to find myself very socially bored very soon. Anybody got any ideas? Hopefully I'll start the temp work soon so I'll at least have something to do.

Speaking of reading, I highly recommend Steven Brust. He writes fantasy novels. The first set of his I got into was his "Khaavren Romances." I got the first book in that series, The Phoenix Guards, at a book fair in middle school, I think. That run is a series of five books styled after Alexander Dumas' Musketeer series of books. It's very fun, swashbuckling and witty banter. But my sweet and awesome lady-friend bought me The Book of the Jhereg, which is a collection of the first three books (Jhereg, Yendi, and Teckla) of his series of books about Vlad Taltos, a human assassin working for and in the world of Brust's universe's elves. They writing style is more modern in tone than the "high speech" of the Khaavren books, but that makes them a lighter read. All very good. I finished all three books in a matter of a few days, so now I've got to go buy the next collection or so. Yay books! ^_^ and/or XD.

But now I have errands to run and books to buy and lunch to eat.

take a look; it's in a book

Thursday, June 07, 2007

So Bad At This

I didn't used to be, though. I used to blog all the time. And then I found something else to do, I guess. *shrug*

Well, the biggest news since the last post is that I am finally out from under the yoke of Corporate Retail. Best Buy and I finally called it quits. It might have dumped me, but the love was gone a long time ago. And I sure as hell wasn't going to be the one to quit on it. I'm no quitter. The last several days have been very relaxing. And, shock of shocks, I even have another job lined up! The Greensboro Day School job I've mentioned before is very, very likely mine. There's no 100% sureness to it, but my former co-worker and still friend Adam is putting in good word and effort for me. Huzzah! The only down side is that it doesn't start until August. Which means I need to find another job for the summer. Which is pooptastic if you ask me. But paychecks being meager due to crappy hours I don't have anything resembling enough saved up to pay my bills for two months. Bleh. Which probably means another two months of retail crap, since that's what will most likely be doing any just summer hiring. Feh. Feh I say!

Hannah's been here since last Friday. I'm glad for it, but there's some growing pains, of a sort. We haven't been together all that long, and we're suddenly seeing a whole lot of each other. But it's working out. That whole True Love thing and all.

Yay pool! I've spent most of this week's afternoons at the pool and it is good. I'm actually getting a little bit of a tan on this pasty flesh of mine. Totally killing the whole geek-cave-troll image, though, so I'll have to find a new one.

Well, if anyone knows of any just-for-the-summer jobs, send the ideas my way.

Tomorrow I get to go up to Boone with Hannah for the day. Yay mountains!

everybody's workin' for the weekend

Friday, May 25, 2007

Return of the Slack

I should have made a post a long time ago, but I'm easily distracted these days.

My new PC is finally built, and it screams. I can play Oblivion at maxed out settings with very little, if any, lag or skipping. It looks amazing. I had some issues with the first RAM I got, but it's all better now. The only lament is that the parts I had leftover, I was going to build Chris a tower out of, but the motherboard decided to quit on me. Fun time, fun times. I can't be certain, but I think there's a short near the IDE controllers on the board. Either way, it's dead and Chris doesn't have a desktop yet. But I can get good replacements for it for not very expensive at all, so it'll be all good in a week or so.

Hannah is recovering from her tonsillectomy nicely. I wish I could see her, but work just doesn't allow for it right now. Maybe next week, but I doubt it. We talk online and over the phone so it's not too bad. I'll be able to see her soon enough, but I do miss her so.

Mentioning work, is there anyone what knows of work in the triad area? 2 years and 3 months of retail is enough for me. I'm stuck where I am with no prospects or hopes of moving on or up. I need something better. As much as I hate mornings, I'd love a 9-5 Mon-Fri job. Or at least a M-F. I'd like to have my weekends free. I just need something that provides more challenges than just showing up on time. That's my "biggest" challenge at work. That's it. I schlep car stereos and GPS devices. There's no real fulfillment there. Even the amusement of separating fools and their money (not all of my customers, not even most) has lost its appeal. I want something that uses my brain. My current job doesn't. The most strenuous mental activity is figuring out in my head what stock I should put up when to maximize the use and location of my ladder. Whee. I do that, at most, twice a week. The rest of the time, I can shut the brain off and run in autopilot. And still perform well above standards and expectations. Job = too easy. At least Geek Squad required a little contemplating and thinking. Sigh.

i love to work at nothin' all day

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today is a good day to die!

Today was a really good day.

Not in a fabulous and magical kind of way, but in the ordinary kind of way that means that much more. I woke up a little earlier than I would have liked, but not so early as to be ridiculous. It was a beautiful day out. A little too cool to have warranted a day in the pool, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable either. Bright, breezy. My mom came up from Salisbury and went to lunch with Chris, Lani, Hannah, and myself. The Mother met the Girlfriend, and there seemed to be mutual liking. Something much better than previous incarnations of whomever got stuck in the role of Justin's Girlfriend. We hit up the Celtic Cafe in Winston and had a very pleasant and tasty meal. Mom couldn't stay much longer than lunch, but it was nice to see her since I missed seeing her for Mother's Day (stupid job and last minute schedule swaps). After lunch we piddled around the house for a little while digesting before heading out and shopping. I ordered the last bits I needed to build Chris a new PC, then we hit up Best Buy to grab a few last minute details, grabbed ingredients for Guinness chocolate cake (yumtastic!) and dashed back home. While ingredients were being prepared (thank you Hannah! Love you!) Chris and I played Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (one of the last minute things I grabbed at Best Buy). Hugh showed up as the cake was cooling, we grabbed up some Wendy's and had a Drink and Smoke while eating the cake and drinking coffee. And the beautiful day had turned into a very pleasant evening and here we are!

All told, I'm not as introspective as I think I was last year. I dunno, more going right this year, I suppose. Don't wanna open tomorrow (or is it today?) but them's the breaks.

It was a good day.

no, YOU have no honor!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Yay music!

So the other day at work I finally saw the benefit of the rote memorization of company policies word for freaking word. At random, the closing manager one night asked if we knew the "core philosophies" and could speak them out loud. Having memorized the exact wording a long time ago, I swiftly shot my hand up, eager to display my bored knowledge. I was called upon, and, in utter amazement to myself and others, Annie told me to go pick out a CD. Huzzah! All because I could readily, and word-for-word, recite a few lines of corporate bull hockey. So I got Rush's Gold album. Why you ask? Well, when put to it, I can never remember the CDs I want to get. But Hannah loves Rush, and I like Rush well enough to get a CD of their greatest hits. And immediately after ripping the songs to my hard drive, I handed Hannah the set. New music FTW!

Other than that, I still don't like my job. I'm still fairly stuck at my job. Hannah is awesome. Pretty much the status quo, really. I have two days off in a row, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is my birthday. I plan to do some laundry, clean my room, play video games, possibly assemble some Eldar, and have a good ol' Drink and Smoke one or both nights.

Also, I'm a terrible son. I got swapped into working Sunday from open to close, so I didn't get a chance to call anyone to say happy Mother's Day. I'm also mad at myself for not managing my money well enough to be able to afford any cards this year. In my defense, my hours have been less than ideal and I got hit with rent, insurance, car payment, and gas expenditures all in one shorter-than-usual check. I still feel like a putz, though. I would have called after I got off work, but my phone was dead and my charger is in Boone. I'm using Skywarp to charge it right now, but it won't turn on yet (2:30AM), but it should by the time I get up tomorrow. So belated greetings I hope will be ok. Such a shmuck.

25 years. Man. When did that happen?

you say it's your birthday

Friday, May 04, 2007

Whose wine...

What wine?

Where the hell did I dine?

Yes, so it's been far too long since I last posted. I probably would have posted much sooner, but when Hannah is here I've got things more deserving of my attentions. And she's been here a lot. So I've not been on the computer late at night. Who knew? So, let's see if I can't catch things up.

Last Week. Whoooooole lot of lame-ass scheduling crap. When I left work on Wednesday there was Schedule A. Someone went through and changed it sometimes after that and didn't bother to tell the person who was out of town for the rest of the week. AKA me. So for most of last week I was coming in at all odd hours, never when I was originally scheduled. Jimmy and others are trying to give me heat about my timeliness when coming in for work. Yes, I understand the policy. Yes, I know punctuality is professional. Blah. Blah. Blah. My department is out performing the rest of the freaking store. We could very well finish out number one in the district (as a department) once again for the month. If not number one, easily number two. And in the top 25% of the Car Electronics (official external nomenclature, Hugh) departments for the entire company or better! I think it's ok to cut me a little slack if I don't come in exactly on time first thing in the morning for a department that takes two minutes to power on and get ready for the day. Especially since I never get to go home on time. Ever. Rassum frassum. And it's getting worse. It seems that when we finally get the part time help we needed in the department, it's not the way it needs to be. Instead of two people working full time hours with one person pulling an extra 10 or maybe 15 hours of gap coverage, what happens instead is the full-time employee gets full time hours and my hours get cut in half and the new part-time help works 15 hours a week. The heck. Blargh!

So Friday night I got switched to the closing shift. Which means I was privileged with putting the truck stock up on the shelves. Fuuuuun. Then I got to turn around and open the next morning (yay) and turn right around from that and run sound for Chris' gig. The sound part was fun, and always is, but it made for a very long weekend. Especially since I had to turn right around (again) and open (again) on Sunday. Whee. Needless to say, when I got home right after four on Sunday afternoon, my ass took a nap. For four hours. Man. That was a nice nap. Thankfully, I didn't have to go in until 4:30 on Monday, so I got plenty of sleep. Work was work, but nothing stood out in the usual unpleasant way, other than it was a little slow. Ah, but Tuesday was a good day. Why, you ask? Well, it was the first day of May and it was gorgeous. On top of all that, I was off! So I took it upon myself to visit the pool. And I am glad that I did. I sat out from about 3:00 to about 5:00-5:30. Got a little sun, dipped into the (quite cool) water. I read. Oh, how I miss having the time to read. Hannah came into town around 8. She was hoping to get out a little sooner, but that gave me time to do a little cleaning. The bathroom, mostly. (It's been all of two days and it's already looking like it needs to be cleaned again. Not as thoroughly as I did on Tuesday, but still! Doug generates mess just by being.) But Hannah got here in this fantastic little "sheath dress" she wore for a presentation or another at her old high school. Ha-cha, but she looked amazing. Not that she doesn't always look good (and other obligatory good boyfriend talk).


But we spent the evening doing not much of anything. I did some laundry, she hung out with Lani. Later that evening we slipped out to the porch and smoked some hookah with some light drinks and romantic atmosphere. We turned in around 1:00 or so and slept in.

Or at least as much as she'd let me. I'm still teaching her how to maintain unconsciousness until after noon. 11:00 in the morning is not sleeping in where I come from. But we had some lunch and waited until Chris got home then hit the pool around 2:00. And it was good. Bright, warm. The water was still quite cool, but not too bad given the heat. More reading was achieved and Chris brought out Little Blue and some mint tobacco with him, so we were able to smoke it up a little bit. I finally got a little sun. I'm a little pink, but it's not "sunburn pink" so much as "pale Northern European flesh just saw more sun in two days than it had in 8 months pink." But I do have the benefit of actually being able to tan. Unlike Jerod. Who burns, peels, and is pasty once again. We came back inside and dried off and then took some hamburgers (marinated all day in teriyaki sauce) and some hot dogs out to the grill and had us a cook out. Wes was over, having lost his AC at some point the day before, and so we had all six of us outside around a picnic table eating hamburgers and hot dogs. We cleaned up from that just as the sun was setting, so we went back in for some Hustle (excellent TV show. I recommend it highly) and then bed time around 11ish.

Hannah had to get up at some ungodly hour this morning. At some point during the night someone had knocked out Late Spring and let Late Winter and Early Spring take the helm of the weather controls. It made my right leg (and especially the hip for some reason) very unhappy. Which is understandable. Going from warm and bright and relatively dry to cold, dark, and damp makes for a rather miserable morning. Hannah didn't want to get up, I didn't want to get up. We were both quite comfortable where the heck we were, thank you very much. But she had a school/class/something scholastic related she had to go to. And school takes a bigger priority right now than I do. Which was my decision. And it should anyway. But after she left I promptly returned to my near comatose sleep until around 2:00PM. I was, apparently, very tired. But I tossed my darks into the wash and had them dry right as I got out of the shower and just barely squeaked into work on time. Work wasn't bad, and my department (once again) out performed the store. Big shock. When I got home Wes and his roommate Chris were there and we were setting up one of our new little hookahs we (read: I) dubbed the Cupid. It's an awesome little thing with a steel cagey looking carrying basket. We think we'll sell quite a few. they're pretty, they're practical, they're small, and best of all, they're inexpensive. We had us a nice little drink and smoke with some coffee and lightly vanilla flavored tobacco. And now here we are. All caught up. Tomorrow I'm off again (Yay not having to close a Friday, boo only working four days this week.), but it'll be too cold to sun-bathe. The high is forecast to be a balmy 65 degrees tomorrow. Ick. So much for May. But it's probably for the best. I need to ease into the sun exposure. My poor skin just isn't use to it. Living in my Geek Cave and all. At least it's not my mom's basement anymore. Heh.

Oooh! I bet I've been paid by now! Yay!

woke up this mornin' with a wine glass in my hand

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mountains, Gandalf.

This weekend was a much needed break.

Thursday - Slept in a little too late, but it was the first time I was able to sleep until I wanted to get up in weeks. I got up and tried to get some cleaning and laundry done while I waited to hear from Wes. I left G'boro around 5:30, which meant getting into Boone around 7:30PM. Which was cutting it kinda close. Not 10 minutes out from the apartment and the rain starts.And of course there was a wreck on 421 at the bottom of a hill on a bridge so traffic was craptacular thanks to rush hour and rubber-neckers. But I managed to get into town just in time to make it to Hannah's symphonic band concert. Which was awesome. The concert hall she performed in has amazing acoustics and the pieces they did were complex and amazingly well played. While Sarah took their grandmother back home, we walked back to Hannah's place and took a look at App's campus. It was a good night for it, and it's a pretty campus. We got back, relaxed, ate some pizza and watched some movies. Fun times!

Friday - Woke up a little bit when Hannah went to class, but only long enough to be shunted off the futon and into Hannah's bunk bed. Which was...small. Not too small, but the place itself isn't terribly big. Her room reminds me of some officer's quarters in a submarine. During the day I alternated between reading and playing my gameboy. Relaxing time, really. The sun was shining, the air was cool. Man, how I miss mountains. Friday afternoon I went with Hannah to a senior seminar. Apparently it's one of the required number of things seen deals, but it was pleasant to listen to. At some point during that afternoon we also dropped off a saxophone that Hannah got from the Nat'l Guard with her former tutor/teacher(I think. He taught her sax and does sax repairs, as I understand it). Yay driving on mountain roads. So bright! So green! For dinner Friday night, I got to meet one of Hannah's Big Brothers (#1, Anthony) over dinner at Cafe Portofino in downtown. I had me an awesomely garlicy bacon cheeseburger with a Reese's cheesecake and a Guiness. Mmmmm. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment and chilled. She surfed, I read. Eventually we passed out on the futon together. A little earlier than usual for both of us, if I recall correctly, but it wasn't so bad falling asleep next to Hannah. I do so love that.

Saturday - Family politics FTW!!!1 Hannah's mother was running a 5K for Huntington's Disease starting at 9AM (or theres about). Needless to say, I was there bright and early with everyone else. Luckily Hannah had the forethought to make coffee and it was a gorgeous day out. Mrs. Eckerd ended up doing the whole run in just over 30 minutes. And wasn't collapsed on the ground like most of the runners that finished before her. It should also be mentioned that she was one of the first third to be finished. Running, ick. Hannah's father showed up unexpectedly and I was at least able to visually see who he was, despite not being able to be introduced to the man. *Sigh* Parents can be so difficult. I suppose next is the Ritual of Chest-Beating and Animal Dominance. Hannah and I had breakfast at Boone Drug, which serves food reminiscent of your typical country kitchen joint. Which is to say: very good, but not terribly good for you. We got dropped off there and walked back to the apartment from downtown. I did a lot of walking this weekend, but it was just so gorgeous out, it was a shame to be inside too much. We stopped in the Mast General Store and I got myself a sturdy little cane for $6. I had left mine at home, and the hills weren't too kind on my knee. Sudden weather changes didn't help, but I got used to it pretty quick. After getting back home we napped for a while until my dad and Barbara arrived. The four of us stopped in Macados for lunch and had a really good time. I love the weather in Boone! The restaraunt had the front doors open and just fans going. And it felt awesome. Dad and Barbara couldn't stay too long, but we were able to all sit and chat about lots of stuff. I think Dad and Barbara are taking a liking to Hannah, and that means a lot to me. After dinner we dropped in at the shop where Hannah got some ink done and looked at a few things and got an idea for a tattoo for me. I've been thinking about getting one for a long time. I'm still not decided on it, but I've got a design in mind that should make for a pretty sweet one. All full of personal imagery and all that. After that, we got some snackery type food (yay ice cream!), smoked some hookah, watched Grosse Pointe Blank and called it a night.

Wow, this thing is getting long.

Sunday - Nothing like work screwing around with a schedule to wake up to. Bleh. Anyway. So I'm up an hour earlier than I thought I would be, but it worked out. Hannah picked at a few ingrown hairs and did a little grooming on me. Oddly enough, I find this to be comforting overall, if uncomfortable when she's plucking at something. Shrug. I went to the church Hannah sings for again. I seem to be developing some sort of pattern for this kinda thing. Might be catching. I miss churches. Many people greeted me and thanked me for coming. It's a United Methodist church, so I'm roughly familiar with the service. Their order for things deviates from what I'm used to at Rockwell UMC, but each church is different. I didn't agree with the VT memorial thing the pastor did in the middle of the service. I understand remembering the loss, but reading each name, age, and major/occupation...a bit much. And...well...a bit long. Not my favorite. Also? Not enough singing. I'm used to three hymn services. Eh. The two of us popped in for some Mexican for lunch and home for another afternoon nap. Good stuff! And her futon is perfect for it! Eventually, we had some...beefy-veggie-sandwich type stuff for dinner and Sarah drew on my arm a bit. Sarah being visually artisitically inclined and all. It allowed me to get an idea of what the design I wanted might look like, and I think it would look pretty sweet, the tattoo I want, I mean. Shortly after that, I finished packing up and headed home. I miss her (and her mountainy area place thing) already. And it's going to be until at least next Thursday before I see her again, but she'll be practically living here over the summer, so there's plenty of time together ahead.

Coming home was so hard, let me tell ya. I love the mountains.

i want to see mountains again, gandalf. mountains!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Checking In...

With your weekly update. It seems. Heh. Unfortunately, there's not been a whole lot of news to spread around, really. Work sucks, but that's not new. Oh! My computer went stupid on me Friday. That was new. Stupid as in "have to shuffle hard drives and install multiple versions of Windows multiple time before it'll work right". Fun. Got to be with Hannah this weekend (always good, but not new). Although I did get to meet some of Chris and Hannah's bandmates in the Nat'l Guard, which was kinda cool. Apparently I meet with resounding approvals with the people I met. Not unexpected, but nice. We ate at an Irish Pub called the Hybernian in Cary (I think). Awesome food. Had Guiness and some fantastic Jameson. Hannah got stuck in town Sunday night thanks to the Sudden Onset Freakish Cold Rain and Thunderstorm that decided to roll into town all day Sunday. But that was a little bit more time for us, and that's never bad.

Monday. Got to work early. I was rewarded for my efforts by being allowed to stay an hour and 15 minutes late because our new part timer had a formal he "had" to go to and got sent home for being a dumbass. The only cool thing I've ever seen Scott do, but it still ended up bad for me. Oh well.

Today. Day off. Got mostly nothing done. Computer finally working right, but that was accomplished in the wee hours of the morning before bed.. Got into a small fight with Hannah. Could have stayed in bed for the day and would have been better off. Bleh. At least I don't have to open tomorrow. And then Thursday I leave to spend a long weekend with the love of my life.

I live for the weekends, it seems.

everybody's workin' for the weekend

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mmmm, New Radio

Well. I've certainly attempted to be productive today. At least, when I finally woke up, I was. Today was a much needed day off, but I slept too long on account of the rain. But I did finally wake up. Finished off the leftovers I made last night. Spaghetti doused in herbs and drowning in garlic with spinach in the sauce. Mmmm. But I've done some laundry, fixed my anti-virus, and installed a radio into the Lincoln. That's right, I installed a new radio into the Lincoln. Bwahaha. Though it weren't easy, let me tell you. I didn't have any wire-strippers to begin with. But I made do with an Xacto knife and some clippers. That was until I discovered that the wiring harness I had was ever so slightly different from the one used in the Lincoln. What with the Lincoln having a factory premium sound system and all. Rassum frassum. But I fixed that in short order. Tested everything, and it's all working fabulously. I set a few things up, but I haven't delved into the manual too deeply yet. And it's been a couple of years since I really used this model of radio. But it's so awesome, it is. Maybe I'll take pictures once Hannah gets done with my camera.

And before you ask, things are still very much amazing with Hannah. Me am happy.

more than a feelin'

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Update with Not Norm McDonald

Right, so, this weekend. I've been having to open far, far too much for my tastes here these last few weeks. Very annoying. But this Saturday I intentionally switched a shift so that I could open. Reason? I wanted to get into Boone as soon as I could. I actually went to Boone Friday night to get the Hannah so she could work a funeral with Chris. And since I was going up that way anyway she asked me to come and get her. That and she was on some fun happy pills since visiting the doctor about her tonsils. Pain meds and driving don't mix. So I got to see her a day earlier than we thought, and there were no complaints there. Opened on Saturday. After a brief repose, we drove back into Boone and cooked some pretty awesome stir fry. I love cooking. I love cooking with Hannah even more. Something sensual about making a meal with someone you're madly in love with. Maybe I'm just a food guy. Either way, it was fun. And the first day ended and the first night began and it was good. Sunday I was rushed off to the shower and greated with eggs and livermush with toast and coffee as I got out of the shower. Have I mentioned how awesome Hannah is? I went to the church she sings at and met her younger sister (having previously met her twin sister) and her Grandmother and got no "You're and evil man for being a man and near Hannah" vibes from either of them, so that was nice. But I've always done well with families. I should also mention that I wore my kilt and got only one or two odd glances. I did get a lot of positive remarks, though. I miss a positive church social atmosphere. Makes me miss my old hometown church. The cantata wasn't bad, but I couldn't hear Hannah sing and I was too far from the piano and organ to pick out the bass harmonies by ear. I miss singing in church with Jerod. What with him being able to sight read and all. But the afternoon was spent lazily enough. Took a nap listening to the rain with Hannah on her futon. Simple things are the greatest, really. Rain in the mountains on a Sunday afternoon napping on the couch with your sweetheart. Specific, yes, but oh so simple. And so very Good. After a very peaceful afternoon, Hannah's twin, Sarah, treated us to dinner, which was very nice of her. Even if she called it paying me back for paying for her and Hannah's supper the night they were in Greensboro. After supper, Hannah got dressed for her woodwind ensemble performance. I didn't stay for any of the numbers after hers, but the concert hall was acoustically amazing! And this time around I could hear Hannah play. But a baritone sax is hard to miss, really. She's really quite good, you know. After her number, I was introduced to The Mother Eckerd with little or no injury. I hope I get the chance to let her parents get to know me soon, but I'm not terribly worried about them not liking me. Eventually at least. But it's pretty evident that I'm not Asshat. Asshat being the New and Given name for the...person of male origin that is Hannah's ex. But after a long goodbye that neither of us wanted to make, I made an uneventful return trip home ended by a nice relaxing drink and smoke and not enough sleep before having to open this morning. At least tomorrow I get to close.

I love you, Hannah!

i'm gonna love ya, til the heavens stop the rain

Monday, March 26, 2007



1. 4th grade teacher's name:
Mrs. Cartledge

2. Last words you said:
"Besides, I'll probably have to edit the photos. I don't know how dark they'll be."

3. Last song you listened to:
Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama

4. Last person you hugged?
Hannah (so long ago!)

5. Last thing you laughed at:
losers what don't know how to park

6. Last time you said I love you, and meant it:
Earlier today when I was talking to Hannah on the phone

7. Last time you cried:
Oy. Uh...2001?

8. Do you have a penis:
*checks* Yep, still there.

9. What color socks are you wearing:
Socks? What are these socks?

10. What's under your bed:
Boxes of Space Elves

11. What time did you wake up?:
Ugh. 8ish.

12. What's your least favorite ice cream:
Any kind with real fruit bits in it.

13. Current hair:
getting longer at the request of the Hannah

14. Do you have a fish tank, if so how big:

15. Current annoyance:
my job

17. Current desktop background:

18. If you could play any instrument what would it be?

19. Favorite color(s):
white/silver, grey/gunmetal

29. How tall are you?

30. Current favorite word/saying:

31. Favorite Show:

32. Favorite season:

36. What is your career going to be like:
career? wha?

37. How many kids do you want:

39. Said "I hate you":
It's been a while.

40. Ever get into a fight with your pet:
not so much. just him whining a lot.

41. Have you ever been to New York:

42. Been to Arizona:

43. Been to California:

44. Been to Hawaii:

45. Been to Mexico:

46. Been to Italy:

47: Been to Ireland:
nope (I never get to go anywhere!)

48. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day?
far, far too often.

49. Do you have a crush on someone?
yes. I'm dating said crush




53. What book are you reading now?
Not much at the moment. Might pick the Silmarillion back up again.

54. Where is it?:
next to my computer desk

55. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?

56. How many rings before you answer your phone?
as many as it takes for me to get outside so I can get a signal

57. Future daughter's names?:
Hmm. Haven't put as much thought in this one. Catherine Marie, maybe?

58. Future son's names?:
William Harrison, Gabriel Thomas

59. What do you sleep with:
Not much. A number of pillows between 2 and 5. Depending on how soon I get comfortable. And on the better nights a certain lady I know.

60. What do you wear to sleep?
me boxers

61. Where are you:
my room, "The Geek Cave"

62. Where do you wish you were?:

63. Piercings?:


67. Where are you staying tonight:
my room

70. Who is the last person that called you:

71. Where do you want to get married:
Big old church with an outdoor reception

72. Have you ever drank:

73. Hate:
Overrated as a fuel source.

74. Are you or have you Been In Love?
Yes and Yes.

75. Are you timely or always late?
Depends. I'm hardly ever on time for work. It's a shame I'm such a high performer that they can't fire me.

77. Do you like being around people?
I hate people. I like being around a few select persons.

78. Best feeling in the world:

80. You a health freak?
not a freak, no

82. Are you lonely right now?
A little. Hannah's a little far away.

86. Do you want kids:


87. Cried:

88. Bought something:
some Sprite at work

89. Gotten Sick:

90. Sang:
yep. it's been slow at work, so I've been able to sing along

91. Said "I love you":
yep. I love you, Hannah.

92. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them:
and have!

94. Moved On:
Moved on completely the first moment I held Hannah.

95. Talked to someone:
I work retail. I have to talk to people. Ick.

96. Had a serious talk:
In a manner of speaking, yeah.

97. Missed Someone:

98. Hugged Someone:

99. Kissed someone:

100. Yelled at Someone:

if heaven is on the way, we'll wrap your world around it

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Witty Title!

Wow. So it seems there's some catching up to do. Heh. When did I last post?

Hmm. Let's see. Since my last post I got a lot of stuff in the mail, the biggest of which were the Wireless N router I got through Best Buy at a ridiculous discount and some stuff for Hannah. And it's pretty much just been work and talking to Hannah all the time for me during this week. I got paid Friday, which was terribly exciting. The biggest news of late, though, is the shiny new lisence plate on the Lincoln! Yay much better car! I just need the time, money, and inclination to put the radio I want in it, and it'll be ready to go. I also need to get the seat fixed. It's got a brand spanking new Die Hard battery. Batteries, by the by, are expensive. Just throwing that out there. I also just put in a wireless N desktop card and BOY is it nice. So fast! I had a wonderful weekend, full of lots of Hannah time. The last two nights of "Get Frisky!" went famously well. Despite the director's sincerest efforts to freak the hell out. I'm still amazed by all the people who came up to me and complimented me on my number. Boggles the mind a bit. The weekend was really good for the Sultan's Tent, too. The last two weekends we hadn't gotten all that great a reception, but this weekend was a lot better. The crowd was a lot better for the show, too. Saturday afternoon I slept in (Thank you, God!) a little bit. Not as late as I'd have liked, but Hannah wanted to go out into the gloriously beautiful day, so I can't complain too much. We tooled about the Four Seasons Mall for a couple of hours searching for the perfect flirty black skirt for her to wear to the show. And it took every damn store in the mall to find it, too! It was worth the effort, as she looked amazing. Not that she ever doesn't, but she cleans up well. Shorty skirt, black lacey top, strappy heels, wine red lips, a felt choker with a dark red and bone colored cameo, and my grey felt hat. I wish I'd have remembered my camera, but alas, the vision will have to live in my brain for now. Today at work isn't really worth mentioning other than it was a beautiful day and I was stuck inside. Boo.

I do love that girl so.

gimme the beat, boys

Monday, March 19, 2007


Hannah says I should post something.

Here you are.

i've got a love-a-ly bunch of coconuts

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Checking In

I know it's been awhile. I'd probably feel remotely guilty, but Hannah's been here since last, what, Friday? She's been on Spring Break, so yay me. Everything here's going well enough, but a lot of things that would have pissed me the hell off are minor nuisances since I've had a very loving girlfriend to come home to the last week-ish. No matter how tired or sore or angry I've been when I've come home, the girlfriend factor has done a right good job of washing it all away. Oh how I've missed this feeling. I think the Retarded Let's Change the Schedule Three Times and Tell No One trend is finally going to stop at work. So yay that. Numbers have continued to be awesome, at least on the days I work, so yay me, there. I also might have found someone to buy the Monte Carlo off of me, and it's a "good cause" not just some guy what wants to pimp out a big car. We'll see how dat goes. I might have also found someone who might buy a laptop off of me, too. If that goes through, then I'll have a little extra cash on hand to maybe get ahead on a couple of things. So things are really good. I'll make a longer post maybe tomorrow. Hannah has to go back to Boone and get her stuff for drill this weekend (weep!) so I'll have the free time. I'm here, wish you were nice.

a peaceful, easy feelin'

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ten Things I Hate About Me. You. Something. Here's Ten Things.

So I got tagged by Lenore for this little meme. I write ten things, presumably, about me. One is false. You all get to try and figure out which one is false. Bwahaha.

1. I'm naturally left-handed, but saw all the other kids in my preschool class writing with their right hands and thought that must be how it's done, and so now I write right.

2. I slept through two years of French class in high school and still managed the second highest grade in the class for both years.

3. My natural body temperature is somewhere around 97.6.

4. I once stayed up for 48 hours straight because I was bored and wanted to see what happened.

5. I BS'ed my way through my 9th grade science project using completely fabricated data I made up the day before the project was due and made the highest grade in the class.

6. I was engaged at one point.

7. Despite all outward appearances, American Idol is one of my secret, guilty pleasures. Though, not the beginning because I have perfect pitch and it hurts my brain to hear people who can't sing try to.

8. I was once elected the president pro temp of the East Rowan FBLA because the current president was unable to make the conference.

9. I once owned an undead 1980 Ford Van that could not be killed so long as gas was in the gas tank.

10. I was once on the front page of the Salisbury Post for selling lemonade.

So now you get to pick the thing I'm lying about and should be punished for!

Oh, and I get to tag five people. Hmmm. Hannah, Jules, Jerod, CMS, and TWG.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nothing Better to Do, It Seems.

Anonymous has decided to continue trolling my blog. I'll let you guys all see what an intelligent and worthwhile human being he/she/it is.

Anonymous said...

wow, an americian that isnt stupid. random is the word. and I am not afraid of your friends, Nicholas English. tell them to let me know when thay wanna come by, Ill have coffee ready. I used "anonymous" for effect, and it worked. do not allow my boredom to itrerupt your new found bliss.

Anonymous said...

christian dog.

your kind will be cleansed from the earth, the purge is upon us.

repent. fucker.

Wow. So the first one is just stupid and the second one is asking for lightning to melt his face. Good job!

Despite the vomitorious comments on the blogspot, this weekend was good for two out of three days. Hannah came down Friday night and she brought some delicious lasagna, despite being made of turkey (she said something about healthy and easier to cook, whatever), so I was a full and happy boy. Saturday my dad and step-mom came in from Hickory on their way to Chapel Hill and grabbed up the two of us. We all went out to UNC to meet my sister and her new beau for lunch, where we were joined by my brother. All told it was a good time. I miss hanging out with all of us together. My dad even found a "smoking buddy" in Hannah. At least until I can get her to quit, anyway. Heh. Jenna's new boyfriend seems like a good enough kid, at least. Polite but relaxed around the dad and the two (much bigger than he is) older brothers. Hannah even seemed relaxed and she's terribly shy around new people. So yay that. I don't think I'll be dragging her to mom's any time soon, but meeting dad went pretty well. I hope I get to meet her 'rents soon, though she constantly warns of me of the dangers that is the Eckerd Parental Tribunal. Abandon all hope ye who enter here, and that sort of thing. But I've always done well with parents. Then we came back and had more of the lasagna and watched (some of) Interview with a Scientologist, I mean, Vampire and (all of) The Producers. I highly recommend The Producers to anyone who hasn't seen it. Brilliance. Hannah had to leave early in the morning (it is to weep!) and I had to open. And close. All by myself. (The job-loathing begins again) But despite that I ended up almost 200% to budget for the day. Which is only going to encourage the Best Buy powers to continue to treat me like this because I can perform. Damnit. Looks like it's time to start up the ol' job search again...

and if you ever get annoyed, look at me I'm self-employed

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On Cowardice...

This isn't the first time someone has anonymously threatened me when I have found love, but this latest one is certainly the most direct. Last time it was more vague, all about being confronted with some past sin or another. This time...well, I'll let you see for yourselves.

"Anonymous said...

one in five americains die in a car accedent each year... I hope one of them is you."

This message was posted in the comments of my last entry. I can't abide cowardice. If you must hate me, hate me in the open. If you must curse me, be strong enough to put your name to it. I can't think of anyone, really, who would be upset that I'm actually happy, really happy for a chnge. And even those who might be inclined to think so are more articulate. So whoever you are, come out in the open with your grievances. I'm sure this is a misunderstanding we can work out. I am out to make no enemies, who has the time for trivialities. And even if you wish ti remain out of the public eye for fear of my friends retaliating for me, there are other avenues of communication. So this is what I challenge you with, anonymous. Comment here with a name, or write me at my email address. I'm pretty sure it can be found in my profile, but I'll put it out here, too. I'm not afraid of you. It'll take far more than your weak curse to harm me. And anyone who really knows me knows why.

I must not fear...

Monday, February 26, 2007


This weekend was easily the best weekend I have had, all told, in over a year. I have found someone who will not only put up with me, but actually enjoy me for me, lumps and oddness and all. And I like her in all her her-ness. Cause that makes sense. Her name is Hannah. I actually met her at Chris' wedding, but in a more off-hand kinda way. I remembered liking her face. And her dress blues. Yes, she's in the army. The band, though. She was one of the three people from Chris' current unit at the wedding. She's a little younger than I would otherwise maybe go for. 20, still in school. But we click so well, it's easy to forget such things. Of course the fact that she's gorgeous in a very classical way doesn't hurt.

Getting back to this weekend. She came down my way from App to finally "meet" after many long nights spent talking for hours and hours. And it felt like the most natural thing I've been a part of in the longest time. It felt like she was always supposed to be there right beside me. Familiar and still new. Comfortable, but oh so very exciting. And she smells great, too. It's an interesting dynamic we have, but very rewarding. I can't describe how lucky I feel to have found an even better thing than the one I lost. It's as though every good quality that ever existed in any girl I've loved in the past has been brought together into one single person and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She's of French and Scot origin, and it shows. She's a music major and a musician. She can cook, and loves to do so! (she made this awesome cake thing and brought it down this weekend. Yum!) She says she can sew (but admits her sister is much better at it), her eyes are brown with tinges of hunter green growing in from the outside. She possess a very classic beauty; heavy eyelids, great hips and legs. She's into anime, science fiction, fantasy. She wants to do the renaissance festival. She's tough and toughly built. She's strong and tall. She's got soft, pale, very kissable skin. What's not to love?

And I'm not ashamed or embarassed or afraid to say that I am very much in love with Hannah Gabrielle Eckerd.

ego te amo, mea dea minima

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It seems I've found someone to accompany me in my insomnia again. It's bittersweet. That is a wound I don't know will ever heal. Not completely. There's something new, though. Different. Won't be the same. But how could it be? One step at a time, I guess. If I can stick to that. It's been a while. I'm a little impatient. That and I've got a long stride with this legs of mine. I tend to skip steps. We'll see.

My boots continue to be awesome. I need to take some pictures of them. With me in them, maybe.

My new car radio finally arrived. I could bore with the details and reasons why this is the single most awesome car stereo I have ever seen and worked with, but suffice to say that it allows an insane amount of control over the music. It pleases my audiophility...ness...ary...whatever.

In work news, the job remains the same. Most days it's alright, but ultimately, it lacks real fulfillment. There's a whole lot of potential, though. Might be worth sticking around as part time, even if I get another job. We'll see. Speaking of other jobs! We'll have nearly a dozen hookahs with us at Carnivale. It's ridiculous. I hope we sell every damn bit of equipment we're bringing. And then some. Because that'd be super. And back to Best Buy. It seems that Scott, yes that Scott is insisting that Laquinta go to some meeting thing in Charlotte and happily suggested that I take her morning shift. If I didn't want the money I'd have laughed in her face as I told her no. But I also feel a bit of loyalty and responsibility to the department. You don't look good if you don't help out. Or some such. Bleh. Hate opening.

blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Boots FTW!

Man. It's been a loooong week. Long week.

I don't like funerals. They're uncomfortable. No, I'm not afraid of death. I'm not uncomfortable with the concept. It's the greiving that's uncomfortable. Everyone crying, the air is thick with the smell of grief. And, intellectually at least, I understand that. But I know my grandfather would have been trying to tell people to stop crying. Laugh, smile, it's a beautiful day outside. Go play a round of golf. I've always handled death and dying well. Maybe a little too well. It was a good service, don't get me wrong. It was a great service, really. The message and eulogy were powerful, fitting, moving. I just...don't like funerals. Too somber. People get mad if you laugh at something. Even if it's funny. Especially if it's funny. How dare you laugh! Someone is dead! Yes, and someone died just know while you told me that. Leaving this world is just another step in the grand scheme of things. There's an afterlife out there, people. And all those people there are supposed to be Christians. My Granddaddy Jim has his spot in heaven, so what is there to mourn? I will miss him. I'm not saying I won't. I'm just saying I don't mourn his passing into a better thing. Funerals. Feh. Uncomfortable

I'm also not a fan of ties. Which I wore to the funeral. Stupid tie.

Work's been nuts this week. It's been shockingly busy. Too many people. It's hard to do my job right when a customer has me trapped on the fringes, leaving a dozen or so people free to do whatever they want in the middle. On the upside, the numbers have been stupid awesome. La dee freakin' da. My boots came in yesterday, though. It took special ordering them, but I was finally able to find a pair of good tall boots. the heel on 'em gives me just the right amount of arch to actually put my weight down on more than just my heel and the ball of my foot. Wow! Pulled an eight hour day in them with little or no discomfort. If I had worn better socks, I'd be golden, but the pair I grabbed were a little more worn out than I thought they were. Garbaged!

Chris is back from his two weeks of training for his funeral honors team. He passed with almost flying colors, near perfection on all his scores. Which isn't enough for him, but was well enough for him to be qualified to train others in how to do his job. He can't train trainers, but he can train other people. And now begins the mad dash to get everything we NEED for next weekend. Carnivale! So very exciting!

And now I must go and fail to go to sleep for many hours so I can get up and open tomorrow. Ick. I'm needing a vacation.

and if the train's on time, you can get to work by nine

Monday, February 12, 2007

Unfun V-Day

So the funeral is Wednesday. Which means I get to spend Singles Awareness Day at a funeral. Fun times, fun times. At least now I don't have to worry about a date. >_>


Sunday, February 11, 2007

James Poole

My grandfather passed away today, sometime around 2PM. He had a heart attack a few years back and hasn't been the same since. This past year has seen him in the hospital frequently and the last three months he's been in as much as he's been out. In a way, it's a kind of relief, at least to me. He's not sick anymore. He's not slow or tired or weak. No more worrying and fretting, "will he make this time?" "is this it?" I know he's at peace. He led a good, Christian life. He'll get his eternal reward. I'm worried about my grandmother, though. Ever since all us grand-kids grew up and moved out of town, she's been slowly edging closer and closer to breakdown. She's always been just a liiiiitle tightly wound. So, if you're inclined, please pray/think about my grandmother, Jeanne.

A little bit about my granddaddy Jim. He's not my "real" grandfather. My biological grandfather and grandmother divorced many years ago. My dad was young then. So all my life, he's been my grandfather just as much as any other. He was a good man. He loved his step-kids as much as his own and loved his grandkids. He was always quick with a joke, usually bad. He lived to see three generations of children: his and Jeanne's kids, those kids' kids, and just a year ago, my cousin Audrey's little girl. He was an independent kinda guy, which I, in retrospect at least, have to admire. He owned a little insurance company in Rockwell, where I grew up. He was a firefighter into his 60's, if I recall correctly. He was active in his church and community. He had been and alderman on the Rockwell city council a few times. He loved good food. Especially barbecue, and even more especially Darrell's (being the best tiny BQQ joint ever) barbecue. While I was never especially close to him, I wasn't especially distant either. He's always been a postive influence in my life. And the last few years I've gotten to really know him better. As a kid, there's a world of interaction you just don't have with adults/parents/grandparents. Since my late teens and on, it was always fun to talk with Jim. He had a quick wit, very punny and sarcastic at times. In a lot of ways, he was the perfect foil to my grandmother. She's always been Model American Homemaker. The house is always spotless. Everything must be just so. But she doesn't always do well with disorder. Jim, on the other hand, was much more laid back. And he was never shy about letting my grandmother know when it was time to chill a bit before she got too wrapped up in the housewifery. At least he made through one more Thankgivichristmas. I'll miss him, but I don't know that I'll mourn him. He lived a full life; he didn't pass on prematurely. He didn't die "before his time." I'll carry the things I've learned from him on in my mind and heart, pass those lessons on to those who need them.

Just look in on us from time to time, old man. Y'know, between rounds of golf. I know you always loved us, no matter what. Just keep loving us rom up there. And we'll meet up again someday.

take it easy, jimbo

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can I get a band-aid?

A lot has happened in a very short amount of time. Single's Awareness Day looms like a dark cloud, heavy with tempest and rain, on othe horizon. Oh joyous holiday. My grandfather, Jim is, again, in the hospital. This time it doesn't look like he's going to make it. A co-worker, Ken, had a heart attack earlier this week. Apparently he had a heart defect. Today, when I came to work, I was informed that he was declared brain-dead overnight and he was pulled off life support. He would have turned 21 yesterday. 21. Do you even realize howyoung that is? He was really looking forward to this weekend. Wanted to party like a fresh 21 year old should. He was really looking forward to actually being able to tend bar. He was a good kid. I'll miss having him in the department. There's a bit of a social vacuum in the house right now since Chris is gone for two weeks for training. I hate having such a small circle of friends. All it takes is three or four people otherwise engaged for an evening and my night is shot. Bleh. And to top it all off, this accursed Valentine's Day crap is stirring up old wounds. It's been 15 months since I've been with a woman I loved in any capacity. And every day I miss her presence. The late nights spent chatting online, night after night. Her sense of humor, her attitude, the way she loved me so utterly and completely. There are still moments when, in bittersweet rememberance, I am stunned into a moment of silence by the weight of just how deeply we loved each other. And like a phantom limb, there's that ache inside. Late at night, in that space between memory and dream where I can hear her voice, smell her hair, feel the weight of her pressed against me. Most days it's ok. Most days it doesn't hurt. But days like these past few, days where I would have turned to her and been comforted...

Days like these just hurt...

So maybe all I want is just a band-aid. A temporary reprieve, just something the dull the pain for a little while. I know that real treatment is what's needed, but I have no idea how long it's going to take for the real thing to come around again. My average is about three years. Right now I just wanna lose myself for a few minutes, find solice and comfort wrapped up in someone's arms for a bit. Part of me doesn't even really care who. Just someone, something warm, soft. I just need a band-aid. Maybe that band-aid turns out to be the treatment. Hell, that'd be great. But I've got realistic expectations here. I just...

need something during days like this...something simple...

just something to help me get by for a little while...

that's all...

[/end pathetic plea for attention]

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There is a Name

There is a name that haunts me.
This name has found its way
into almost every girl
I've ever been seriously involved with
in one form or another.
It's the middle name.
So I don't always know it
when I'm getting into it.
But sooner or later,
I find out.
she has that name.
That name that haunts me.
It's so bad,
I've found myself
asking girls
what their middle name is
if I find myself interested.
The name has not been present
for some time.
oddly enough...
I've not been involved
with anyone
in almost a year.
All these names
stretching back
into my youth.
All these sharing a
Why do you follow me?
And now,
something blips on the radar.
A distant scent
that piques my interest.
I've met her once
or twice.
I know
a little
about her.
I find out
a little more.
Little things start
to sync,
fall in place.
And what,
is her middle name?
Oh haunted name!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Love to Work at Nothin' All Day

Sorry to be so detached from all you out in intarweebsland, but Burning Crusade came out, so I've been a bit glued to the tube. Not as bad as Jerod, but I've been "stuck" in WoW for most of my spare time. I lucked out, too. One of the perks of working at Best Buy is I was able to set aside a collector's edition of the game for myself. Which was lucky, seeing as how all the rest of the store's copies got gone in a matter of minutes after the store opened. And we ran out of regular copies before too long into the day. It was a little pricey, but it had some neat stuff in it. The art book is fabulous and the soundtrack is awesome.

In other news, work is still work. The diaphonous future looks better for me at Best Buy, but it's as ellusive as ever.

However, the Sultan's Tent stands to prosper very soon. We've put the deposit on the vendor spot at Castle Carnevale and they're excited to have us there. They're actually giving us a little bit more spot than we're paying for, which is doubly awesome. We've got our application for the vendor spot at CRF and Chris is going to turn that in on Monday.

Oh. And I found my phone. Under a pile of laundry. Which is where I thought it was. But I had lost it. And now it's not lost. Exciting.

Man, I don't wanna go in at 8AM tomorrow. Like a whole lot.

and if you ever get annoyed/look at me i'm self-employed

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Long Days of Nothing

It's been a while, longer than it should have been, so here I am to update you all on the fabulous comings and goings of the last week or so. I worked all of two days last week (fun time, fun times), but I did get a good amount of cleaning and such done around my room. Mostly laundry, but I gave the bathroom a much needed rub down. Sadly, very sadly, a lot of my time has been spent on World of Warcraft. Ultimately, it was free time anyway, but it was still a bit much. I didn't get near as much done as I should have, though, really, the main thing not done was attempting to move my bed. Other than that, Chris, Wes, and I have picked up our regular workouts again. Yay that, at least. I've been doing the best I can to eat healthy, but it wasn't easy not having too much money to through around. Things are looking better for work, though. I might just be able to convince my managers to create a full time spot for Car-Fi for me. And it's a warrented event, really. Jimmy would love to have me work full-time. The department, as good as it's been since I got back there again, would be even better. But, even on top of that, there might actually be a chance for upward movement in Car-Fi. I had a one-on-one sit down chat with Jimmy yesterday. And for once, it wasn't a bad one, oddly enough. Just going over the month's goals and plans, and general praise for my performance, sprinkled with a dash of information spreading, given that I had last worked Monday. But I mentioned that we could really use a Senior in the department, which Jimmy said he was trying to work on getting. If I can get the managers to create a full-time spot in Car-Fi and if Jimmy can make a Senior spot, I stand a good chance to get it. But that's a lot of ifs. We'll see. Having a full-time position again would go a loooong way to making me want to stay at Best Buy. As much as I can, and do, complain about working retail, and under a certain manager or two, it's not a bad job, day-to-day. I can think of things I'd rather be doing for money, sure, but all told, it's not the worst job I've had. I do get some recognition for the job I do, even if it's not as much as I'd like. At nearly $11/hr it's not bad pay. And if I were working full-time hours, it would be even better. Also, given the performance of the departments I've worked in for the last year, my next review at the end of February could mean a significant pay increase.

And speaking of better oportunities, the Sultan's Tent stands to do really well this year. We've got a nice vendor spot for the Castle Carnevale at Castle McCulloch, assuming Chris comes through with getting the deposit paid. And that will spell massive sales for us. We're scrambling to gather up an inventory for the show, but there's plenty of time. If our Velvet Glove nights are any indication, we could very well make up the deposit in sit down lounge smokers alone, not including people who buy hookahs from us. Our distributor should have an updated price list to us sometime next week, I hope, so I can finish up the website. It's not much of a site right now, and I don't plan to make it a whole lot. We're not looking for a whole lot more than an online ordering page. Simple paypal business shopping cart interface, all html. Very easy load time, at least.

Next to penultimately, I've quadruple checked my enrollment in online W2 delivery. Last year I got mine around the 23rd. I certainly wouldn't mind getting it a little earlier. This year's return should be both timely and significant. I also might have a buyer for the Monte Carlo, and someone I trust to do right by it. And Doug's started making payments on my old laptop. So, if only for the time being, things are looking up a little bit.

Speaking of Penultimates, Bryan, the man friend of Alene (ThatWeirdGirl) has been hoisted off to play in the sandbox for a few months, so keep him, and all of our boys, girls, men, women, and others over there in your thoughts and prayers. They're doing good stuff over there. Really. Wrong reasons or not, we needed to be there. It would have been nicer if it had be handled right, but regardless, there's democracy there. There's not dictatorship. And the removal of tyrants...that's Godly work.

Lastly, if you tell someone (me) that you'll be free on a certain night (Friday) so I can come out and do you (Anglee [save your hisses and your comments until I'm done]) a favor by selling you a sound card and installing it for you (see? business) do have the decency to keep your appointment. If you can't, then at least have the kindness to call or message in one of the myriad means of communication we have at our disposal. It makes for much better planning of weekend nights. It really does. Ultimately, though, I spent my time with much nicer, and prettier company, and comfortably cuddled on the loveseat to boot, than Anglee anyway, so I think it worked out in the end. But still. Call? Email? IM? MySpace Message?! SOMETHING?!?! I mean really.