Monday, July 02, 2007


This weekend was good.

I've been eating far more fruits and veggies than I had before, which puts me right at recommended dosage. I've been (attempting) to cut back on the fatty/fried foods and meats with limited, but some success. Hannah even mentioned that it looked like I might have lost a little weight. I'm ok with that. I certainly feel a little better, though not being able to sleep well is cutting into the getting-in-shape-itude.

I got to see the North Carolina National Guard 440th Army Band (Chris and Hannah both being members) play on Sunday. It was an awesome show. I love live concerts like that. They played in a little town called King, which is about 15-20 minutes north of Winston-Salem on 52. It was a good crowd, and they were all the Good Old Fashioned American Rural Types. Y'know, heart-felt flag wavers and the like. So many people came up after the concert and thanked them for coming out to play and for serving the country. One number the concert band does is a suite that includes all the songs for all the branches of the military. The commanding officer of the unit introduced the song and thanked the crowd for allowing them to play, at which point an audience member called back "No, thank you!" after which there was an immediate standing ovation. Before they even played the song. It was a powerful moment. I still get moved even now just thinking about it. After the concert everybody went back to the hotel for general hanging out, and I met a few more of Hannah's unit buddies. They all seem to think really highly of me, which is awesome. I chuckle, too, because Asshat, her ex, is in the unit, too, so he gets to stew in his own juices while she gets to be happy with me and everyone likes me a whole lot more than they seem to like him. Bwahaha! One of the people I met last night apparently works for Global Services. He seemed impressed by the way I carried myself and said to keep in touch with him, especially once I start going back to school. Networking, FTW!!!1

Today wasn't nearly as exciting. I got up a lot earlier than I would have otherwise preferred but Hannah and the rest had to get on the road to Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg. But I came home and took a nap, so it was ok in the end. I also went to Joann's and got the fabric I've been wanting for a cloak for CRF this fall. Me and The Sewing haven't seen each other since I was a freshman at East Rowan High School. Like ten years ago. So this could be very interesting. Very.

she wraps her cloak around her

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