Monday, February 13, 2012

It Defies Titles

Man. It's been a crazy 6 weeks (give or take) since my last entry. I graduated out of BCT (no matter how near a thing it was) and have moved on to Ft. Gordon for my AIT. As you can see, we get internets here, though I don't have continuous access. But some is more than none, yes?

I've been here for a couple of weeks and we're just about finished with our first class, an A+ course. It's...not so challenging for me. But then, I've been doing A+ type stuff for the better part of the last 13 years. It's an interesting environment here. It's loads more relaxed and independent here than BCT (especially compared to Ft. Benning), but there's still some walls that my head butts up against from time-to-time. But not hard enough that any of the Cadre or instructors here have noticed or found reason to take me to task for it.

The food here in the dining facilities isn't quite as good as the food at Benning. And the availability of junk (like Domino's) makes this an easy place to get kinda fat in. But I've been watching my intake of junk and I make a habit of lots of fruit and a salad or two with every meal. PT is tougher, but better. And we do get some free time in the evenings, so I can get some gym time in while I'm here to improve my run. Which I NEED like WHOA. I'll make it, but it's just a matter of how fast. I can't phase up to more privileges until I pass my PT, and the run is killing me there. But then, running has ever been my bane. I'll figure it out.

I am excited, though, that I could very well be the Distinguished Honor Graduate here (unlike at Benning, where PT counted a whole lot more). If I keep my nose clean and I pass my End of Course PT test on the first attempt. The only other requirement is having the highest academic average (bwahaha). I really hate feeling like an arrogant dutch-bag about it, but I am one of (if not the) smartest person in my graduating class. Now, time will tell if my bad study habits will rear up again, or if I'll buckle down and get it right. I have an affinity for technology, but unlike the A+ course, I'll actually be learning a whole lot of new stuff with the rest of my coursework while I'm here. But the classes will translate into education enough to get a few certifications and 18-36 credit hours of college credit (that I could easily turn into nearly an AS in Information Technology at the right school.) and that will be awesome. The rest of the plan is in place, just waiting on me to finish all this up in mid-late June.

A slog, this will be before it's all said and done. I miss home and the people that live there. And the ones currently wandering out and abroad, I miss also and especially.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow might actually pass by with little to note it. And that will (sadly) be a delightful first. I'm used to having generally bad days on the 14th of February. Singles Awareness Day, indeed. But when I have not been single, they have often involved arguments or similar unpleasantness. But this time around, I'll be busy in class or concurrent training or working out. I will not, however, turn down any pleasant messages left on Facebook or email or text, from any of you, my dear friends and family. And please, please write. It's easy to feel disconnected here. I have a phone, but during the day it stays locked up and I'm running about most of the evening trying to fit in a life of sorts. We get mail-call far more often, and I'm not getting drowned in letters like I was at Benning. Sadness!

So here's me:
PFC Johnson, Justin
B Co 447 Bn 15 Sig Bde
Ft. Gordon, GA 30905

And to you, especially, I hope your day is fantastic in every ordinary and awesome way. We'll talk/chat/write soon enough.

live, laugh, dare to love