Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just Noticed.

I never seem to make any posts these days that aren't in the 1-2AM range. Weird.

Just checking in, saying hi, all that jazz. My world has become decidedly less exciting since Faire came to a close some weeks back. Y'know, I was going to write something long and probably whiny about how there are far far fewer women hanging about since the end of faire as well. But I'll just leave it at me missing all my friends from Faire, male and female.

Super Dimension Fortress: Macross. Wow. So I picked this up from Tony, supplier of fine second-hand computer bits. It's an awesome story. But the animation... It's kinda funny to see the same coloring errors I grew up with watching Transformers. See Main Character. See Main Character oddly recolored for reasons that escape reason. See Main Character back to his original colors in time to say something. But it's still a great story. Got me playing many many hours of Robotech: Battlecry again. Whee!

I think I'll get back to that anime.

viva el jameson!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

Ah, the worst, I mean busiest retail day of the year. Only thanks to working in the Geek Squad it wasn't bad at all. Crowded was the worst part of it, and that's just because there were so many of us there physically in the Precinct. It got so slow after about noon, that I was sent home an hour early! On Black Friday! How awesome is that? Really damn, that's what it is.

I'm looking forward to Christmas. Thanksgiving showed me how much I can miss most of my family. It was really nice being able to hang out and just talk with cousins and aunts and uncles and siblings. My cousin Audrey's little girl is about 6 months old and HUGE. One of the most touching images of the day was "Granddaddy Ray" (Audrey's father, my uncle) bouncing little Allison on his knees. I don't think I've seen that man so absolutely happy in some time. Which is not to say he was unhappy, I'd dare to say otherwise.

Which got my brother and I talking. We're getting old. My other older cousin, and the oldest of us, is getting married next year. It's starting to happen. We're slowly becoming the last generation, not the next one. Parents are becoming grandparents. Grandparents, matriarchal great-grandmothers. I certainly wouldn't complain if I found someone to make a family with. And soon, really. Maybe not right away soon. Find that person, insert appropriate amount of time, marriage, appropriate amount of time, children. I would be pleased if my life folded out to such a way as to have my first son by 30. If not two children. I'd like that very much, actually. But that's me, I suppose. Others would, no doubt, caution me against "rushing" into such things.

At least my life is good for the most part. I have plenty of anime it consume as I might. I wish Skywarp were up and running, but that'll fix itself soon enough. Christmas is coming and this year I'll actually be able to afford to buy people gifts this year. Gasp!

all the way home i'll be warm

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ah, Geekcraft.

So I've finally tossed and moved around all my files. I got a 160GB used hard drive off my buddy Tony (also the supplier of the Super Monitor). As such, I decided to use my 120GB secondary drive as the primary, as was my intention long, long ago. It took some time, though. Megatron's USB 2.0 slot got damaged in a tragic Bailey-Knocking-the-Laptop-Off-a-Table accident. So I was using USB 1.1 to transfer from the 120GB to the 40GB drive in Megatron to the 160GB drive using an external enclosure and switching the drives back and forth. Whee. Weren't that fun? Right now, though, I am attempting to install Windows on the 120 while using my laptop on the same desk. Mmm, Geekery.

so many fans...

Not Gonna Do It

I am not going to turn this into a once a week blog. I promise. I've just been reluctant to get too comfortable using Megatron all the time. Since I have this huge ass paperweight/desktop-space-taker-upper which used to be my PC until I get the RAM issue figured out. But that's an issue not likely to be solved anytime in the next few weeks. Although my next paycheck is going to be a little bigger than normal, thanks to personal hours added to fill the gap in hours PLUS my 38 hours this week PLUS the eight hours of holiday pay for Thanksgiving. Whee. But rent is due on that check. Oh well.

Work. Yeesh. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm a Double Agent and can get out of the tech bench. I love the work, but the people are starting to make me ill. I got spoken to today for not charging a guy up front. First time in something like two weeks that's happened. And it's not as though he's not going to pay for it when he gets in to pick it up. Meanwhile, there are people on the Geek Squad at our store, well, person really, who will use our work computer to download illegal software, music, movies, as well as check his email, and also print out stuff for personal use. Now. I am not above any of those things. However, I am above doing such on company time using company computers and paper. That's rudeness. This same fellow is personally responsible for at least on major screw up a day. Sometimes it's in relation to a customer's computer. Sometimes it's in relation to company policy. Either way, it's annoying enough just working with the guy. Cause he never shuts up and always tries to include himself into whatever conversation anyone is having. And always in a horribly self-depreciating way. Not in the funny Rodney Dangerfield kinda way. In the annoying "Oh yeah, well I've had it worse because..." and "I'm a retard, hur." Yeah. And he smells like cheap cigarettes and unwashed breathe. All the time.

Black Friday. Not looking forward to that. I am lucky, though. I'm working 11-7:30. A much safer shift. The 7 hour sale ends at noon. And most of the people and the product will most likely have disappeared at that point anyway.

to destroy the evil forces of the decepticons

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Not a whole lot to report. This weekend looks to be...comfortable. The first in some time, actually. I get paid. Not only that, but I sold some things on eBay for more than I thought I would. And those funds should transfer right around the same time as my paycheck hits my bank account. How awesome is that? Today at work was...I dunno. Seemed off. But tomorrow, it seems. that I get to represent the Geek Squad at the Chamber of Commerce. I wouldn't have had this opportunity if it weren't for switching my schedule with Juan. Instead of working 7-3:30, I'm working 4-10:30. Sleep in. Yosh!(Japanese for "Alright!")

I did far, far too much laundry last night. Four loads. That's twice my usual run. But then, I got that extra money I forgot about. Helped finance the laundry. Still have one more load to do, but it's not an urgent thing. Thank goodness. Have I mentioned I hate doing laundry?

I'm already planning changes for Captain Grey's costume for next year. Or at least additions. My boots, which have served through seven years of festivals have finally reached the end of their road. Having been resoled two years ago, the leather has split along the sides of the right food far too high to be resoled again. I still love the look of the boots, though. I might see if I can cut them up and turn them into spats. Not too hard to do, really. And they're tossed anyway, so it won't matter if they don't work. What I'd really love is a pair of boots almost exactly like what I have now, only with a much more pronounced heel and arch. Only in brown. Why brown? Well, it's quite simple, really. Brown leather is far more rare. Everyone and their uncle has a pair of black boots from or And even baring those, there are far more pairs of black boots than brown. And no brown boots that have an over the knee cuff. But oh well. However, Kae is being wonderful and amazing. She's designing and making a new doublet for me. The old one? A great and beautiful doublet it is. Just...too big. When it was measured for, I was much wider about the middle than I am now. Heck, by the time I got it, it was a little large. So I keep it. It works really well for if I want to pull off a more well dressed rogue-ish type. Someone likely to be hanging around Captain Christian more than, say, Lord Eric. Which Grey has, in the annals of feigned story for our own amusement, set to sail with the good captain Christian once or twice. Might be the kind of thing he'd wear whilst setting against the merchants of France and Spain. But we shall see.

Talking on the phone for an hour and a half until 1:30AM or so. But it'd never work out. No, surely not.

The computer. It is broken yet again. And only I can fix it. Right.

can't live with 'em. can't shoot 'em

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well, perhaps too dark a word for the meaning I intend, but I do like my drama. The Carolina Renaissance festival has, indeed, come to a close. The last weekend was (unseasonably) fair and bright. A little too warm for my tastes, but what can you do? The cast-party was as awesome as always. And there was Guiness! Guiness on tap! For free! After salivating over it for an entire season, there it was in my hand. A nice cool glass of Guiness straight from the tap. Yum. And of course, the free food. But it was the talent show that made the event, as it does every year. Lots of really fun stuff. I'll miss the faire, as I do every year. I wish I would have had every weekend this year, but it was not to be, I suppose. Next year will be different. We'll have to see. I got paid for the run this weekend, too. That was cool. I forgot about that completely, so when the bossman comes around handing out checks, I was like "Sweet!" And it was awesome. Oh! And our new entertainment director is officially the entertainment director. His name is Rob and all of us are glad he's on board. Good guy.

On a sadder note, The faire season saw something wonderful come into bloom and fade into the autumn wind. Started with the premiere of Serenity and the opening weekend, and ended late last night. It is something I will always cherish and I will miss it.

To the one I will miss: I love you. Now and always. We have parted as lovers, but will always be dearest companions and friends. Remember that.

that's right, a shakespeare reference in the blues

Monday, November 07, 2005

Gotta Write More Often

I didn't get Double Agent. This time. But this is legitmate. When my (former) supervisor applies for the Double Agent position, there's little I can do. He was far, far more qualified. But he's merely the third of a proposed 6 DA's. And there's another one opening up in December. So I've put my foot in the door, management is looking at me. I've just got to continue to rock it hard.

Speaking of rocking hard, I've won like 5 movies at work as part of a Geek Squad contest. And today? Today I won a video game. Soul Calibur III. Score.

Also, do you hear that? Listen closely now...

...go on...

...just a little longer...

What is that sound you hear? It's the sound of my phone not ringing. It's the sound of having no obligations to fix anybody's anything! The biggest items on my to-do list tonight are to eat some homemade spaghetti and meat sauce and to get my ass handed to me by the CPU opponents in Soul Calibur III. Whee!

Also, is it Friday yet?

and if the train's on time you'll get to work by nine