Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just Noticed.

I never seem to make any posts these days that aren't in the 1-2AM range. Weird.

Just checking in, saying hi, all that jazz. My world has become decidedly less exciting since Faire came to a close some weeks back. Y'know, I was going to write something long and probably whiny about how there are far far fewer women hanging about since the end of faire as well. But I'll just leave it at me missing all my friends from Faire, male and female.

Super Dimension Fortress: Macross. Wow. So I picked this up from Tony, supplier of fine second-hand computer bits. It's an awesome story. But the animation... It's kinda funny to see the same coloring errors I grew up with watching Transformers. See Main Character. See Main Character oddly recolored for reasons that escape reason. See Main Character back to his original colors in time to say something. But it's still a great story. Got me playing many many hours of Robotech: Battlecry again. Whee!

I think I'll get back to that anime.

viva el jameson!

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