Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weekend of Strange.

What a weekend I have had. To begin the unusual tone that would dominate this weekend, my friend Chris was doing his NC Nat'l Guard duty weekend this weekend. Which means no beer and meat, and which meant that I would be waking up in my own bed for once on a Saturday morning, rarity that it is. So I intend to wake up at 7:00, take a shower, pack and get everything up and going by 8:00 so I can pick up friend Lenore (Buttons the Royal Court Lovable Jester[tm]) by around 8:30 and get to cast call for the Carolina Renaissance Faire (still going, weekends, now through Nov. 14th). So of course, even though the alarm is set for 7AM and it works, even after waking up and sitting up at 7:30, I promptly fall back asleep until 8:10. Still needing a shower, I take one, pick up Lenore at 10 til 9AM. So, once again, Justin(me) is late for cast call.

It's a rather dreary looking, cool day, so the crowd is somewhat thin. And of course, Mark the "Other Captain" decides he wants to come on a Saturday instead of his usual Sunday. Which throws my schedule all to poop. John had a school obligations, so he wasn't there. continuing to throw off the groove. Come evening time, our normal entourage staying at the hotel was down to 2 people. 2 rooms, 6 beds, 2 people. So Heather and I check in, cancel one room, and ponder foodstuffs. We are both broke as can be, but Rennie's take care of their own, and there was a massive bratwurst, sausage dog, hot dog, spaghetti cook out thing at Phil's "Royal Court Compound" in the CRF campsite, so we had a lot fo Free Food(tm). Which was tasty and well. We get back to our room, change and go for our usual soak in the hot tub and pool there. We laugh at all you campers. We have beds. And heat and air. Hor tubs, pools, hot showers, free breakfast. Mwahaha. We're soaking along, achingly and quietly. It's quiet because apparently, the major draw of the hotel hot tub is Chris. None of our usual peoples were there. The Sheltons(3), Lenore, Doug(congratulations on becoming an uncle), Kristie, Logan, Michelle, and John all had plans and obligations all at the same time Chris had Guard duty. Coincidence? Luckily, Chris' wife, Lani, showed up while we were soaking and livened things up. That's right, one room, two very attractive and friendly females, and me. So I slept on the fold out couch in the other part of the room, while they each got a bed. Because I'm dripping with decency and propriety. Friend, Safe, with Big Brother cluster and a rank of Virgin, 1st Class.

Continuing on. Sunday. Left when I was supposed to, and I was still late to cast call. Just can't make it on time if left to my own devices. After cast call, the men got pulled aside because a bit we did the week before with peasant girls caused offense somewhere. The words "sexual harassment" was tossed around. Speaking personally, I was conscious of the fact that the girl who happened to be in my lap wasn't of the age of 18. I don't know how old she was, but probably no more than 16. However. Before it even took place, Chris, the great planner that he is, talked to each of the girls and told them that if they weren't comfortable with any of it, they didn't have to. It was ok. Chris just wanted to do this bit, and wanted to include some of the other casts. For my part, it seemed my girl was having at least a little fun. No one was disrespectful, that I could see. She fed me apple slices, I fed her apple slices, and there weren't any involuntary reactions to cute girl in my lap that might have been offensive. However, I could see how a bystander might look at the situation and cry "Dirty old perverts!" There was a highly noticable age gap between us guys and the girls. 22 is the youngest male involved at that was me. On stage, flirty flirt flirt. Off stage, respect of the age difference, professional, we thanked them, let them know they could stop or leave if they felt uncomfortable.

First Joust. Two guards are supposed to escort the Queen on the field so that she might hold some rings for the jousters to lance at. Normally, I can hear her Majesty clopping down our rotted, ancient decrepit reviewing stand, but today, she snuck out on me. She was getting ready to get out on the field before I even saw her. So the other guard with me, Derek, and I come running out onto the field behind her looking as if she had snuck past us somehow. because she did. I went with that and came to a skidding stop just behind her majesty in a bit of a cartoony gesture of catching up. It worked, it's funny, we'll be doing it that way from now on. Huzzah. At another joust, I broke through the floor just by standing on it's rotted planks. I have been told that it's ok if I break it some more. Yay!

Cast-wise, we were majorly short. However, an actress from Minnesota's faire, who shares our queen, and two actresses from the Arizona ren-Fest's Royal Court(ARF is our sister faire, owned by the same rich, cheap bastard), joined us. So we were filled out alright, and we got to play with new people.

I wish I could remember more of the weirdness, because there was a lot, or at least just a general sense of "not right" hanging about in the air. All told, it was a productive and mostly fun weekend. I look forward to next weekend, however, as that's our Halloween weekend, and I hope to break out the chainmail. If nothing else, it's a fun weekend, and there's the whole hotel hot tub alcohol relax friends hang out smoke hooka thing.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Let the Dead stay Dead!

Back into your cold earthen bed, ye dead! I have killed you! Sleep, wretched life, and do not stir in your slumber. You are neither needed nor wanted. Back I say! Back! Wretched abomination, in the Name of the Most Holy One, I command you! Let the Dead remain Dead.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Why is the current situation in my country making it so hard for me to vote for candidates from my own party? It's not that the Democrats are more in line with my ideology, because they are, by and far, not, it's just I find that the Republicans that are up for election aren't the better of the two options. What the hell? Bush could have been a good president. But he listens to his advisors. And his advisors are terrible, hand-wringing, double-dealing, stereotypical rich white guys. And I hate that they get the term neo-conservative. Isn't "new" supposed to be "better?" Does that make me a "Paleoconservative?" Paleo - Old, ancient. Conservative - Favoring traditional views and values; moderate, cautious. That is me. A conservative of the values and flavors of older times. An often anachronistic adherence to old traditions and values. I may be out of date, but just because it's new, doesn't mean it's better. I give you Cheney, King of the Neocons.

Also, it's damn near impossible to get a job these days, because I can't just talk to a person anymore. It's all computers and test and answers. Gone are the days when you can walk into a place and talk to a manager or owner. I have to file an application and call only to have the hiring manager be gone on a two week vacation, gone for the day, looking over applications next week, or already have passed the applications to the district manager whom I have no means of contacting. I have charisma, I can deal well with authority figures. But why deal with people and gauge someone person-to-person when you can sit back and let a program tell you who would make a good employee based on what could be a massive list of lies.

When I am Emperor Iustus Pius Augustus, I won't have to worry about that.

Of course, if Prophet was still a paying gig, I'd have a job.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Superman is dead. Long live Superman.

Christopher Reeve has passed into the next life. Here's the USA Today obituary. He will always be an inspiration. He was a hero on film, but truly, he was Superman in life. Long live Superman.

Friday, October 01, 2004

I knew you, before the fall of Rome.

I think it's entirely possible some part of me was emperor Justinian, of the Byzantine Empire. He created a codified system of laws that became the predecessor for our current legal system. He also married a prostitute (who quit after becoming all married and rich, I assume) who was strong of will and vital to the survival of Constantinople during a religious riot. I think some part of you was her. I never called you a whore, or thought you as such. You said it, not me. Though you do have a fascination with Satine from Moulin Rouge. I think that's why you'll always be familiar to me. I think that's why you were as familiar as you were. We were together once. Hundreds of years ago. An empire was held together by our combined strength, once. Hundreds of years ago. We were together once. Not too long ago. I didn't choose to have us part, that was your idea. I didn't cut off all of your hair, all you. I put one about the same weight you did, but at the same time, I weighed 100 more pounds than you did. I tried to lead you down the best path I could see for us both. It wasn't perfect. I warned you of the pitfalls associated with walking with me. You said it was ok. Every time we came to a new step, a new level, you said it was ok, or it was your idea to go on. You make these choices that harm you, that could lead to your destruction. I don't make these choices for you. Oh sure, you'll just say that it's harmless, that it's safe. You've thrown in with a man you hardly know, though you know him better than you ever knew me. But you never really did want to "know" me did you. I don't think you ever really loved me. I was just the one that got away, and you couldn't have that. And once you got me, well, where was the chase? Where was the prize? How dare I not meet your expectations of what I was supposed to be. Fine, go ahead. Blame me for your descent. Blame me for your perversion. Call me the sick freak. Fine. That's ok. In fact, I will whole-heartedly accept that. Because then you will be happy. Happy knowing that it's not your fault you're destroying yourself. No, it's my fault you're making these choices, not yours. Or perhaps your abusive parents are to blame. But no, not you. Innocent, victimized you. I am the sick freak. But who of us has maintained purity, and who has not? Who of us partakes of illegal substances, and who does not? Who of us was willing to make a lifetime's commitment before even considering laying with the other, and who was not? Who is righteous and who is not?! You are laughing or fuming at my indignation. Maybe even both. Deluding yourself into believing you have the moral high ground, that you are, indeed, the righteous one. However, come Judgement, we will see who lives and who is cast into the pits of hell. And you will wish me to suffer the pits of hell. And that is fine. I, however, wish God to save you from the consequences of your life. I wish his Son to come into your heart, or at least save you from harm that your days in this life may be healthy and happy. And I pray that the Holy Spirit watch over you, and keep you.

"Bless those that curse you."

Save the Innocent.
Smite the Wicked.