Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mountains, Gandalf.

This weekend was a much needed break.

Thursday - Slept in a little too late, but it was the first time I was able to sleep until I wanted to get up in weeks. I got up and tried to get some cleaning and laundry done while I waited to hear from Wes. I left G'boro around 5:30, which meant getting into Boone around 7:30PM. Which was cutting it kinda close. Not 10 minutes out from the apartment and the rain starts.And of course there was a wreck on 421 at the bottom of a hill on a bridge so traffic was craptacular thanks to rush hour and rubber-neckers. But I managed to get into town just in time to make it to Hannah's symphonic band concert. Which was awesome. The concert hall she performed in has amazing acoustics and the pieces they did were complex and amazingly well played. While Sarah took their grandmother back home, we walked back to Hannah's place and took a look at App's campus. It was a good night for it, and it's a pretty campus. We got back, relaxed, ate some pizza and watched some movies. Fun times!

Friday - Woke up a little bit when Hannah went to class, but only long enough to be shunted off the futon and into Hannah's bunk bed. Which was...small. Not too small, but the place itself isn't terribly big. Her room reminds me of some officer's quarters in a submarine. During the day I alternated between reading and playing my gameboy. Relaxing time, really. The sun was shining, the air was cool. Man, how I miss mountains. Friday afternoon I went with Hannah to a senior seminar. Apparently it's one of the required number of things seen deals, but it was pleasant to listen to. At some point during that afternoon we also dropped off a saxophone that Hannah got from the Nat'l Guard with her former tutor/teacher(I think. He taught her sax and does sax repairs, as I understand it). Yay driving on mountain roads. So bright! So green! For dinner Friday night, I got to meet one of Hannah's Big Brothers (#1, Anthony) over dinner at Cafe Portofino in downtown. I had me an awesomely garlicy bacon cheeseburger with a Reese's cheesecake and a Guiness. Mmmmm. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment and chilled. She surfed, I read. Eventually we passed out on the futon together. A little earlier than usual for both of us, if I recall correctly, but it wasn't so bad falling asleep next to Hannah. I do so love that.

Saturday - Family politics FTW!!!1 Hannah's mother was running a 5K for Huntington's Disease starting at 9AM (or theres about). Needless to say, I was there bright and early with everyone else. Luckily Hannah had the forethought to make coffee and it was a gorgeous day out. Mrs. Eckerd ended up doing the whole run in just over 30 minutes. And wasn't collapsed on the ground like most of the runners that finished before her. It should also be mentioned that she was one of the first third to be finished. Running, ick. Hannah's father showed up unexpectedly and I was at least able to visually see who he was, despite not being able to be introduced to the man. *Sigh* Parents can be so difficult. I suppose next is the Ritual of Chest-Beating and Animal Dominance. Hannah and I had breakfast at Boone Drug, which serves food reminiscent of your typical country kitchen joint. Which is to say: very good, but not terribly good for you. We got dropped off there and walked back to the apartment from downtown. I did a lot of walking this weekend, but it was just so gorgeous out, it was a shame to be inside too much. We stopped in the Mast General Store and I got myself a sturdy little cane for $6. I had left mine at home, and the hills weren't too kind on my knee. Sudden weather changes didn't help, but I got used to it pretty quick. After getting back home we napped for a while until my dad and Barbara arrived. The four of us stopped in Macados for lunch and had a really good time. I love the weather in Boone! The restaraunt had the front doors open and just fans going. And it felt awesome. Dad and Barbara couldn't stay too long, but we were able to all sit and chat about lots of stuff. I think Dad and Barbara are taking a liking to Hannah, and that means a lot to me. After dinner we dropped in at the shop where Hannah got some ink done and looked at a few things and got an idea for a tattoo for me. I've been thinking about getting one for a long time. I'm still not decided on it, but I've got a design in mind that should make for a pretty sweet one. All full of personal imagery and all that. After that, we got some snackery type food (yay ice cream!), smoked some hookah, watched Grosse Pointe Blank and called it a night.

Wow, this thing is getting long.

Sunday - Nothing like work screwing around with a schedule to wake up to. Bleh. Anyway. So I'm up an hour earlier than I thought I would be, but it worked out. Hannah picked at a few ingrown hairs and did a little grooming on me. Oddly enough, I find this to be comforting overall, if uncomfortable when she's plucking at something. Shrug. I went to the church Hannah sings for again. I seem to be developing some sort of pattern for this kinda thing. Might be catching. I miss churches. Many people greeted me and thanked me for coming. It's a United Methodist church, so I'm roughly familiar with the service. Their order for things deviates from what I'm used to at Rockwell UMC, but each church is different. I didn't agree with the VT memorial thing the pastor did in the middle of the service. I understand remembering the loss, but reading each name, age, and major/occupation...a bit much. And...well...a bit long. Not my favorite. Also? Not enough singing. I'm used to three hymn services. Eh. The two of us popped in for some Mexican for lunch and home for another afternoon nap. Good stuff! And her futon is perfect for it! Eventually, we had some...beefy-veggie-sandwich type stuff for dinner and Sarah drew on my arm a bit. Sarah being visually artisitically inclined and all. It allowed me to get an idea of what the design I wanted might look like, and I think it would look pretty sweet, the tattoo I want, I mean. Shortly after that, I finished packing up and headed home. I miss her (and her mountainy area place thing) already. And it's going to be until at least next Thursday before I see her again, but she'll be practically living here over the summer, so there's plenty of time together ahead.

Coming home was so hard, let me tell ya. I love the mountains.

i want to see mountains again, gandalf. mountains!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Checking In...

With your weekly update. It seems. Heh. Unfortunately, there's not been a whole lot of news to spread around, really. Work sucks, but that's not new. Oh! My computer went stupid on me Friday. That was new. Stupid as in "have to shuffle hard drives and install multiple versions of Windows multiple time before it'll work right". Fun. Got to be with Hannah this weekend (always good, but not new). Although I did get to meet some of Chris and Hannah's bandmates in the Nat'l Guard, which was kinda cool. Apparently I meet with resounding approvals with the people I met. Not unexpected, but nice. We ate at an Irish Pub called the Hybernian in Cary (I think). Awesome food. Had Guiness and some fantastic Jameson. Hannah got stuck in town Sunday night thanks to the Sudden Onset Freakish Cold Rain and Thunderstorm that decided to roll into town all day Sunday. But that was a little bit more time for us, and that's never bad.

Monday. Got to work early. I was rewarded for my efforts by being allowed to stay an hour and 15 minutes late because our new part timer had a formal he "had" to go to and got sent home for being a dumbass. The only cool thing I've ever seen Scott do, but it still ended up bad for me. Oh well.

Today. Day off. Got mostly nothing done. Computer finally working right, but that was accomplished in the wee hours of the morning before bed.. Got into a small fight with Hannah. Could have stayed in bed for the day and would have been better off. Bleh. At least I don't have to open tomorrow. And then Thursday I leave to spend a long weekend with the love of my life.

I live for the weekends, it seems.

everybody's workin' for the weekend

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mmmm, New Radio

Well. I've certainly attempted to be productive today. At least, when I finally woke up, I was. Today was a much needed day off, but I slept too long on account of the rain. But I did finally wake up. Finished off the leftovers I made last night. Spaghetti doused in herbs and drowning in garlic with spinach in the sauce. Mmmm. But I've done some laundry, fixed my anti-virus, and installed a radio into the Lincoln. That's right, I installed a new radio into the Lincoln. Bwahaha. Though it weren't easy, let me tell you. I didn't have any wire-strippers to begin with. But I made do with an Xacto knife and some clippers. That was until I discovered that the wiring harness I had was ever so slightly different from the one used in the Lincoln. What with the Lincoln having a factory premium sound system and all. Rassum frassum. But I fixed that in short order. Tested everything, and it's all working fabulously. I set a few things up, but I haven't delved into the manual too deeply yet. And it's been a couple of years since I really used this model of radio. But it's so awesome, it is. Maybe I'll take pictures once Hannah gets done with my camera.

And before you ask, things are still very much amazing with Hannah. Me am happy.

more than a feelin'

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Update with Not Norm McDonald

Right, so, this weekend. I've been having to open far, far too much for my tastes here these last few weeks. Very annoying. But this Saturday I intentionally switched a shift so that I could open. Reason? I wanted to get into Boone as soon as I could. I actually went to Boone Friday night to get the Hannah so she could work a funeral with Chris. And since I was going up that way anyway she asked me to come and get her. That and she was on some fun happy pills since visiting the doctor about her tonsils. Pain meds and driving don't mix. So I got to see her a day earlier than we thought, and there were no complaints there. Opened on Saturday. After a brief repose, we drove back into Boone and cooked some pretty awesome stir fry. I love cooking. I love cooking with Hannah even more. Something sensual about making a meal with someone you're madly in love with. Maybe I'm just a food guy. Either way, it was fun. And the first day ended and the first night began and it was good. Sunday I was rushed off to the shower and greated with eggs and livermush with toast and coffee as I got out of the shower. Have I mentioned how awesome Hannah is? I went to the church she sings at and met her younger sister (having previously met her twin sister) and her Grandmother and got no "You're and evil man for being a man and near Hannah" vibes from either of them, so that was nice. But I've always done well with families. I should also mention that I wore my kilt and got only one or two odd glances. I did get a lot of positive remarks, though. I miss a positive church social atmosphere. Makes me miss my old hometown church. The cantata wasn't bad, but I couldn't hear Hannah sing and I was too far from the piano and organ to pick out the bass harmonies by ear. I miss singing in church with Jerod. What with him being able to sight read and all. But the afternoon was spent lazily enough. Took a nap listening to the rain with Hannah on her futon. Simple things are the greatest, really. Rain in the mountains on a Sunday afternoon napping on the couch with your sweetheart. Specific, yes, but oh so simple. And so very Good. After a very peaceful afternoon, Hannah's twin, Sarah, treated us to dinner, which was very nice of her. Even if she called it paying me back for paying for her and Hannah's supper the night they were in Greensboro. After supper, Hannah got dressed for her woodwind ensemble performance. I didn't stay for any of the numbers after hers, but the concert hall was acoustically amazing! And this time around I could hear Hannah play. But a baritone sax is hard to miss, really. She's really quite good, you know. After her number, I was introduced to The Mother Eckerd with little or no injury. I hope I get the chance to let her parents get to know me soon, but I'm not terribly worried about them not liking me. Eventually at least. But it's pretty evident that I'm not Asshat. Asshat being the New and Given name for the...person of male origin that is Hannah's ex. But after a long goodbye that neither of us wanted to make, I made an uneventful return trip home ended by a nice relaxing drink and smoke and not enough sleep before having to open this morning. At least tomorrow I get to close.

I love you, Hannah!

i'm gonna love ya, til the heavens stop the rain