Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Update with Not Norm McDonald

Right, so, this weekend. I've been having to open far, far too much for my tastes here these last few weeks. Very annoying. But this Saturday I intentionally switched a shift so that I could open. Reason? I wanted to get into Boone as soon as I could. I actually went to Boone Friday night to get the Hannah so she could work a funeral with Chris. And since I was going up that way anyway she asked me to come and get her. That and she was on some fun happy pills since visiting the doctor about her tonsils. Pain meds and driving don't mix. So I got to see her a day earlier than we thought, and there were no complaints there. Opened on Saturday. After a brief repose, we drove back into Boone and cooked some pretty awesome stir fry. I love cooking. I love cooking with Hannah even more. Something sensual about making a meal with someone you're madly in love with. Maybe I'm just a food guy. Either way, it was fun. And the first day ended and the first night began and it was good. Sunday I was rushed off to the shower and greated with eggs and livermush with toast and coffee as I got out of the shower. Have I mentioned how awesome Hannah is? I went to the church she sings at and met her younger sister (having previously met her twin sister) and her Grandmother and got no "You're and evil man for being a man and near Hannah" vibes from either of them, so that was nice. But I've always done well with families. I should also mention that I wore my kilt and got only one or two odd glances. I did get a lot of positive remarks, though. I miss a positive church social atmosphere. Makes me miss my old hometown church. The cantata wasn't bad, but I couldn't hear Hannah sing and I was too far from the piano and organ to pick out the bass harmonies by ear. I miss singing in church with Jerod. What with him being able to sight read and all. But the afternoon was spent lazily enough. Took a nap listening to the rain with Hannah on her futon. Simple things are the greatest, really. Rain in the mountains on a Sunday afternoon napping on the couch with your sweetheart. Specific, yes, but oh so simple. And so very Good. After a very peaceful afternoon, Hannah's twin, Sarah, treated us to dinner, which was very nice of her. Even if she called it paying me back for paying for her and Hannah's supper the night they were in Greensboro. After supper, Hannah got dressed for her woodwind ensemble performance. I didn't stay for any of the numbers after hers, but the concert hall was acoustically amazing! And this time around I could hear Hannah play. But a baritone sax is hard to miss, really. She's really quite good, you know. After her number, I was introduced to The Mother Eckerd with little or no injury. I hope I get the chance to let her parents get to know me soon, but I'm not terribly worried about them not liking me. Eventually at least. But it's pretty evident that I'm not Asshat. Asshat being the New and Given name for the...person of male origin that is Hannah's ex. But after a long goodbye that neither of us wanted to make, I made an uneventful return trip home ended by a nice relaxing drink and smoke and not enough sleep before having to open this morning. At least tomorrow I get to close.

I love you, Hannah!

i'm gonna love ya, til the heavens stop the rain

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