Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Checking In...

With your weekly update. It seems. Heh. Unfortunately, there's not been a whole lot of news to spread around, really. Work sucks, but that's not new. Oh! My computer went stupid on me Friday. That was new. Stupid as in "have to shuffle hard drives and install multiple versions of Windows multiple time before it'll work right". Fun. Got to be with Hannah this weekend (always good, but not new). Although I did get to meet some of Chris and Hannah's bandmates in the Nat'l Guard, which was kinda cool. Apparently I meet with resounding approvals with the people I met. Not unexpected, but nice. We ate at an Irish Pub called the Hybernian in Cary (I think). Awesome food. Had Guiness and some fantastic Jameson. Hannah got stuck in town Sunday night thanks to the Sudden Onset Freakish Cold Rain and Thunderstorm that decided to roll into town all day Sunday. But that was a little bit more time for us, and that's never bad.

Monday. Got to work early. I was rewarded for my efforts by being allowed to stay an hour and 15 minutes late because our new part timer had a formal he "had" to go to and got sent home for being a dumbass. The only cool thing I've ever seen Scott do, but it still ended up bad for me. Oh well.

Today. Day off. Got mostly nothing done. Computer finally working right, but that was accomplished in the wee hours of the morning before bed.. Got into a small fight with Hannah. Could have stayed in bed for the day and would have been better off. Bleh. At least I don't have to open tomorrow. And then Thursday I leave to spend a long weekend with the love of my life.

I live for the weekends, it seems.

everybody's workin' for the weekend

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