Saturday, April 30, 2005

Moved! Yay!

So we're moved in now! Most excellent! I've got my room planned out, but I need to get the furniture in my room, first. But Dad's bringing my bed tomorrow, along with some nice living room furniture. Our cable is on early! So I can sit here and update from the new living room today instead of next Tuesday. Once we get everything moved in and unpacked, I'll take some pictures and post them up for you guys to see. So very happy!


movin' on up

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Update! w00t!!!1

Sorry it's been so long, folks. I've been really busy these past few days. Work, work, work. But work is looking good. Just the other day, I joked with my supervisor about getting a two-three dollar raise. He didn't laugh. He said something more along the lines of "well, we'll see." Yeah, I could do with that kind of raise. Any kind of raise will be nice, though. So work, work is good. There's been a competition of sorts in the department. Whoever sells the most service plans gets a $25 gift card. And free lunch. Yeah, free lunch! I have 55. My closest competitor has I think 27. Yes, I am awesome. I have a career ahead of me, should I choose.

Also, we move in seven days. Seven! Yay! So. Very. Excited. w00t.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Lessons of Ethyl

I figured something out today. Completely on accident. It was actually a mistake on my part. But it worked out alright in the end. Mike's Hard Lemonade, by the by, is incredibly easy to drink a lot of fast. Tale to follow.

So since I was getting off of work fairly early in the evening, and since Holly had the day free, we decided to make a little something of the night. Willow, Quizno's salads and alcohol. I had four of the blasted Mike's Hard Lemonades in about half an hour. Because they're really easy to drink. Even a man of my size will get a buzz off of 48 oz. of malted beverage at 5.2% alcohol by volume. As I was. Started to feel a tingle in my face and hands. That's when it struck me. That's how it happened so fast, so hard. My senses were on overdrive, but I was almost completely open. No defenses. But then, I never wear the armor around Holly anyway. It was pleasant evening all around, but...not what I was hoping for. My fingers would brush her shoulder, withdraw. She certainly kept me at arm's length the whole time. Just close enough without getting close again. It felt like she was afraid of loving me. Is afraid. I think I know some of the reasons why. And once the movie was over I had to wait around a bit to sober up enough to drive safely. Straight to a bar. I'm not a binge drinker, promise. I had a grand total of one more drink, a beer, Red Oak, at Plum Krazy's. After that, waters and cokes.

I really don't want to wait three more years before the next one shows up. Of course, I'd rather not have this relationship be done, either. I hate being cut off from touch. It's cold. Lonely.

Hate it.

i want you to want me

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I am the Left Hand of God

I am the Left Hand of God, Sama'liel.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

If You're Just That Good

It's not being pretentious if you're really that good. Which, apparently, I am. It's an odd thing having an older, divorced, albeit not unattractive, woman tell you that you have magic hands. And then shortly after guess your age at 26-28. Bear in mind, gentle reader, that I am a month or so shy of 23. I'll take looking 4 or 5 years older. I am beginning to guess that I might be a lot better than I think I am. Just in general. I've always chalked it up to luck, this skill of my hands. But my luck isn't nearly good enough to justify the numbers any more. One or two, ok, that I could believe. But now? Just too much to be luck or coincidence any more. I am good with my hands. Who knew? Well, actually, I can think of one or two people who knew. Heh.

he's got the magic hands

oh come on. who didn't see that one coming? seriously!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ah, Rain.

It rained today. Something I was very much thankful for. I thoroughly enjoy a very strange past time in the Spring and Summer. Whenever there's a nice shower, I take off my shoes and go stand in the rain. Let it wash over me. Wiggle my toes in the water and mud. Very theraputic. But then, contact with water usually is. Swimming, hot tubs, showers, standing in the rain. All very much the same for me. It's just unfortunate that so very few people enjoy it like I do. It's a little more fun if there's someone in the rain with you.

call on me, call me

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It's a Beautiful Day

It is an absolutely gorgeous day outside today. In fact I'm coming to you live from the patio of our soon to be former apartment. Fresh air! Whee! Cold Killian's and fair weather. I feel much refreshed. And I needed to feel refreshed. And I have one more day off! And I get to get off of work early Friday and Saturday! All is most excellent! In fact, Chris, Doug, and I might just be able to get the heck out of here and into the wonderfully amazing new place a lot sooner than anticipated. Chris and Doug hatched an intriguing plan. Doug gets a personal loan to cover our moving expenses and a little extra so Doug can get his insurance and such set up for his lisence and so's he can finish buying Skywarp. Maybe all in one day! Wouldn't that be awesome? I think it would be. So yeah. We're excited.

twenty dollars or more

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Feet Are T3h Hurt

Three days. Three days in a row I have had to close when I wasn't scheduled to. Sunday, I was supposed to get off at 6:30. I got off at 7:15, closing. Yesterday, 8:00. Got out at 10:15. Because both days people called in. And yesterday I was the only person of the three scheduled to show up. And today. Ah, today. I opened, got in at 9:15. And my closer neglected to come in. Again. Only today he didn't call in. So instead of getting out at 5:45, I was out at 10:20. Twelve hours, five minutes. Man does that suck for the leg. Rah.

Is it May yet?

i just wanna make love to you