Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It's a Beautiful Day

It is an absolutely gorgeous day outside today. In fact I'm coming to you live from the patio of our soon to be former apartment. Fresh air! Whee! Cold Killian's and fair weather. I feel much refreshed. And I needed to feel refreshed. And I have one more day off! And I get to get off of work early Friday and Saturday! All is most excellent! In fact, Chris, Doug, and I might just be able to get the heck out of here and into the wonderfully amazing new place a lot sooner than anticipated. Chris and Doug hatched an intriguing plan. Doug gets a personal loan to cover our moving expenses and a little extra so Doug can get his insurance and such set up for his lisence and so's he can finish buying Skywarp. Maybe all in one day! Wouldn't that be awesome? I think it would be. So yeah. We're excited.

twenty dollars or more


Anonymous said...

Wow, a brewski on the porch. Sounds idyllic. Are there birds twittering?

thatweirdgirl said...
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thatweirdgirl said...

You stole my weather!!!!! Give it back!!!!