Friday, April 08, 2005

Ah, Rain.

It rained today. Something I was very much thankful for. I thoroughly enjoy a very strange past time in the Spring and Summer. Whenever there's a nice shower, I take off my shoes and go stand in the rain. Let it wash over me. Wiggle my toes in the water and mud. Very theraputic. But then, contact with water usually is. Swimming, hot tubs, showers, standing in the rain. All very much the same for me. It's just unfortunate that so very few people enjoy it like I do. It's a little more fun if there's someone in the rain with you.

call on me, call me


thatweirdgirl said...

I like to jump in the puddles.

I have a poem about Summer Rain...perhaps I'll post it for you.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, summer God's own mercy.

I like to play about in the rain too. I stand in spring showers, I don't melt when in mists, I step in puddles. I do not own an umbrella.