Monday, August 30, 2004

You bastards!

If you have bit torrent, SHARE YOUR BLOODY BANDWIDTH. If you're using Kazaa or any other p2p software, SHARE YOUR BLOODY BANDWIDTH! Here's how p2p works. You download from someone else, and they download from you. But this only works if people want to use that program. And no one is going to want to use the program if they CAN'T GET ANY DOWNLOADING BANDWIDTH! So SHARE SOME F***ING BANDWIDTH YOU CHEAP BASTARDS!!!

That is all.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me

I have challenged the devil herself. She may do as she pleases, but ne'er again shall I sway from the path of Righteousness. Fiat iustis et pereat mundus. Long live the fighters. I am the kwisatz haderach.

Ready for CRF 2004 to start.

I am so completely ready for the season to start. CRF is the Carolina Renaissance Festival, Running through all of October and the first three weeks of November. I'm Captain Julien Grey of the Royal Guard, and this will be my fifth season at CRF. I'm just ready to dress up in my silly Renaissance clothes, shiny sword, and big feathered hat. Is it weird that I feel more comfortable in my Ren-Fest garb than normal clothes?

Could be I'm just weird.


Friday, August 27, 2004

Penny Arcade! is 1337(leet)

Penny Arcade! is hosting they're own convention, PAX, and there were 1337 pre-registrees. PA is 1337. That is all.

The 11 Rules of Justin

It occurs to me that not everyone (or anyone for that matter) knows the Rules of Justin. So here ya go:

1. Justin has no cash.
a. Justin sometimes has plastic.

2. Justin is always hungry.

3. Justin shall hit Hugh in the kidneys.

4. The Fourth Rule of Justin is you do not talk about Fight Club.

5. The Fifth Rule of Justin is you do not talk about Fight Club.

6. Justin shall be underappreciated at work, school, and home.

7. Justin shall perform one Thankless Task every day.

8. Justin shall be single.
a. Justin shall have random encounters with women. Or Anglee.

9. Justin shall be entrusted with a Holy Tome (melee weapon; Holy Relic; counts as Power Weapon; grants 4+ invulnerable save) which gives him 1d6 extra attacks in close combat.

10. Justin shall have Lackeys. Which includes (but is not limited to) the Tall One, the Sensitive One, the Pyro, the Klepto, the Army Brat, the Loud-Mouthed Guy, the Starving Actor, and siblings of various ages and sizes.

11. The Car of Justin shall be unstoppable, save by anti-tank shells and rising gas prices.
a. the Eleventh Rule does not apply to anything manufactured by Honda Corporation.

Week of Suck

Apologies for the harshness of tone, but this week has been the Week of Suck. All this week at work we have been remodeling a ceiling. Which means spending eight hours scraping and sanding the spackle off a ceiling while your neck is tilted back at least 90 degrees. Arms up and pressing, neck back. Eight hours. Covered in dust for the first two days. Then yesterday and today we paint said ceiling. So two more days of neck back and arms up for eight hours. Covered in paint. And today. Today was supposed to be a half-day. Only the bossmanuncle says I have to weed-eat around the building we're working on. Then dig a ditch. Then sweep the floor. Then vacuum the floor. Then put all the vent covers back on. So I end up working an hour after my usual clock out time. I know, 'but isn't that more time for you to get paid?' Well, not really. It's not enough to put me into overtime by any stretch of the imagination, so that hour's wage really doesn't matter all that much. Then home. Not enough money to move out any time, well, probably ever. Because the Cosmos likes to laugh at me. But tonight there was the cute girl what works at the coffee shop I like. Turns out she's my age and single. Booya. So I'll be there tomorrow night. Whee. This week really sucked. But hey, it's the weekend, right? Isn't it about time they let me make a withdrawal from the Bank of Karma? I've been putting in a lot of extra hours, paying more than my fair share of karmic dues. I am owed. A lot. I know all that good karma's going to something. I don't need a lot. Just a little. It'll be covered before the end of next Monday. Easy. Because of the 6th and 7th Rules of Justin.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

MegaTokyo - relax, we advertise j00

I will be advertising Jed-Soft at MegaTokyo from Sept. 13th to the 16th! Yay! Also, I'm testing the blogger button on the Googlebar add in for Mozilla's Firefox 0.9. Yay!

Monday, August 23, 2004

JedSoft is now!

Domain is set, site is go. Though I found it interesting to note that (no hyphen) was apparently the currently under construction site for a software firm of Spanish-speaking origin. Interesting only in that it put a slight thorn in my side. But that's ok. JedSoft is still go! So anyone who might actually be reading this, feel free to be looking at the site. It'll be prettier in a couple of weeks. It's HTML right now, but it will become Flash based very soon.

In accordance with the Prophecy.

*hammer hammer* *saw saw* is nearly ready. Hosting: Done. Domain: Pending. Site: Building.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Justin needs his own place, reason #48

My basement room as a sliding door what leads to the outside world, which is useful, since the only other door is on the farthest end of the house from my room. However, having the little step-brother just waltz into my room without asking because he's coming inside from the backyard is really annoying. My room! Not foyer! Out!

Justin needs his own place, reason #47

It sucks when one comes home from one's construction job only to find that one's harpy-ass step-father is in the shower, thus meaning there is no hot water for you until he gets out, and not much when he finally gets out. And when one's construction job involves things like spackle, stain, sealant, sanding, and painting, you tend to get a little DIRTY! GORRAMNIT!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Conversions and Apartment Seeking

I visited my friend's little place in Winston this evening, and finally got to show her the pilot episode of Firefly. Which, of course, she immediately liked and wanted to know more. So she is currently borrowing my copy of the complete series. Yay! More converts to the Browncoat Cult! Yay! Also, she wants a bigger place, and there's a house next door to her converted upstairs apartment thing that's for sale pretty cheap. So currently she's checking to see when she would be able to get a loan and buy a house. Since the house is as low in cost as it is, $83,000, the payments, with utilities would be the same, if not less than if I was living next door to her in the other converted upstairs apartment thing. Failing that, it would be really easy to open the separating door to the two places and make it one big place, which would make sense. So yay happy fun looks good for me being able to move out of this dungeon of mine.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ah, Firefly (Here ya go, Chris.)

"Dear diary; Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy...
Today we were captured by hillfolk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."

JedSoft, what is.

JedSoft, the pipe dream. I love building computers. And I have been told I build good computers. I also have this grass-roots, savings for the little guy, entrepreneurial spirit thing going on. So I'm currently in the works of designing a site for a computer building business. I offer powerful machines at a much lower price than most mainstream computers. And even when the machine I make comes to close to the same as a mainstream machine, there are little things I do to make the difference. Like larger cases, for easier expansion and better airflow. Also is the addition of fans, with the option for clear side panels and LED fans for the make the machine 'l33t'. Plus, I only install the software you ask for. No software packages you don't need or want. Whee. So once I get website made, I'll put a link up in here for everyone, in case you wanna take a look-see.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Holy Crap OMGWTF!!!1

And so it is that you shall all be subjected to my mad, mad, mad, mad ramblings. I suppose for the first post we ought to give a general overview of where things are, just get people up to speed. I'm 22 years old, and live in my parents basement doing construction work for my aunt and uncle. I live in North Carolina, Salisbury to be exact. I'm a gamer and a roleplayer. I do re-enacting at the Carolina Renaissance Festival where I am Captain Julien Grey, Their Majesties' Royal Guard. The basement thing is temporary. I'm going to look at a place that's right next to my best friend, and I hope to move in there by month's end, provided I can find gainful employment, or Jedsoft (computer building business I'm trying to start, more on that later) takes off in a phenominal and completely unexpected way. Given that it's in Winston-Salem and right on top of the North Carolina School of the Arts and Forsyth Tech, I can actually get back into the whole school thing too, which would only serve to please my parents. The future looks bright. I am optimistic. Fear me, mortals.