Tuesday, August 17, 2004

JedSoft, what is.

JedSoft, the pipe dream. I love building computers. And I have been told I build good computers. I also have this grass-roots, savings for the little guy, entrepreneurial spirit thing going on. So I'm currently in the works of designing a site for a computer building business. I offer powerful machines at a much lower price than most mainstream computers. And even when the machine I make comes to close to the same as a mainstream machine, there are little things I do to make the difference. Like larger cases, for easier expansion and better airflow. Also is the addition of fans, with the option for clear side panels and LED fans for the make the machine 'l33t'. Plus, I only install the software you ask for. No software packages you don't need or want. Whee. So once I get website made, I'll put a link up in here for everyone, in case you wanna take a look-see.

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