Monday, August 16, 2004

Holy Crap OMGWTF!!!1

And so it is that you shall all be subjected to my mad, mad, mad, mad ramblings. I suppose for the first post we ought to give a general overview of where things are, just get people up to speed. I'm 22 years old, and live in my parents basement doing construction work for my aunt and uncle. I live in North Carolina, Salisbury to be exact. I'm a gamer and a roleplayer. I do re-enacting at the Carolina Renaissance Festival where I am Captain Julien Grey, Their Majesties' Royal Guard. The basement thing is temporary. I'm going to look at a place that's right next to my best friend, and I hope to move in there by month's end, provided I can find gainful employment, or Jedsoft (computer building business I'm trying to start, more on that later) takes off in a phenominal and completely unexpected way. Given that it's in Winston-Salem and right on top of the North Carolina School of the Arts and Forsyth Tech, I can actually get back into the whole school thing too, which would only serve to please my parents. The future looks bright. I am optimistic. Fear me, mortals.

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