Friday, August 27, 2004

Week of Suck

Apologies for the harshness of tone, but this week has been the Week of Suck. All this week at work we have been remodeling a ceiling. Which means spending eight hours scraping and sanding the spackle off a ceiling while your neck is tilted back at least 90 degrees. Arms up and pressing, neck back. Eight hours. Covered in dust for the first two days. Then yesterday and today we paint said ceiling. So two more days of neck back and arms up for eight hours. Covered in paint. And today. Today was supposed to be a half-day. Only the bossmanuncle says I have to weed-eat around the building we're working on. Then dig a ditch. Then sweep the floor. Then vacuum the floor. Then put all the vent covers back on. So I end up working an hour after my usual clock out time. I know, 'but isn't that more time for you to get paid?' Well, not really. It's not enough to put me into overtime by any stretch of the imagination, so that hour's wage really doesn't matter all that much. Then home. Not enough money to move out any time, well, probably ever. Because the Cosmos likes to laugh at me. But tonight there was the cute girl what works at the coffee shop I like. Turns out she's my age and single. Booya. So I'll be there tomorrow night. Whee. This week really sucked. But hey, it's the weekend, right? Isn't it about time they let me make a withdrawal from the Bank of Karma? I've been putting in a lot of extra hours, paying more than my fair share of karmic dues. I am owed. A lot. I know all that good karma's going to something. I don't need a lot. Just a little. It'll be covered before the end of next Monday. Easy. Because of the 6th and 7th Rules of Justin.

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