Friday, June 30, 2006

Sorry, Lenore

I got a haircut today. Bigs news! Stop the presses! Not just a trim either. Back on down to the old standby haircut I sported for many years. Buzzed down on the sides and about an inch on top. Truthfully, I already miss the length, but I'm glad I did it. Thought, originally, I went in for just a trim. Talked everything out very specifically, and the trim was exactly as I had asked, and while it looked ok, I decided to just go ahead and lop it all off. My plan, however, is to see if I can not cut it again until December of '07. 18 months of grow. With the rate at which my hair grows, that should be enough for about 9" of length. If I can tough it out that long and I don't like it, that's enough to give to Locks of Love. If I do like it, then I'll keep it.

Mostly, though, I just think I needed to clear it all off. Most of the girls who voiced a liking of the long hair aren't available. In fact, I think all of the votes for me keeping it long came from the taken list. Kinda discouraging, really. I had a reason to grow out the hair, but I don't have it any more. And I've been having to stiffen myself again as of late, and this helps with the hardening process. Besides, I look better in my contacts if I have short hair. And these glasses are long since done.

Now to see if anyone wants to go out and eat tonight. I got paid, and I'd like to hang out with friends and eat.

And in a related story, Steven brought about one and a half gigs of jazz music to work this week and I've ganked it for myself. Mmm, jazz. Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Etta James, Wynton Marsalis, and Louis Armstrong. Good stuff.

born to lose, i've lived my life in vain

Buh Lah

Yawn. Dullsville around here. I'm ready for the weekend. Work is long and draining, as always, but at least the numbers are good! OMFG YAY!!!1 Rah. Good surprise though, is that I did the math wrong and I get paid today instead of next week. Money is being the useful. Need to hit the grocery store tomorrow, pay for a doublet. Just enough left after that to sit on. Yaaaay. But I open in several hours, and Saturday is off. So hurrah weekend. Jerod's coming out this way Saturday night, so I might do something really crazy and break out a hookah. Gasp.

Also? I'm still debating the whole haircut thing. What's wrong with me?!

georgia, georgia

Saturday, June 24, 2006

8 days later...

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Just a whole lot of not much to say of late. Work's been...well, work. Things seem to be improving in general, which, by sheer coincidence alone, means things are getting a little better for me. But I'm still waiting to see what Adam's got for me. Marquis and San are both gone as of this week. So next week should be reaaaalllly interesting. In that not fun kind of way. I imagine some fecal matter will be hitting some rotating blades very soon. Hopefully this time the management fall out won't cost me my job. Which, admittedly, would be a very pleasant first. Jerod came up today. I don't get to hang out with my brother nearly enough. But we had a good time. Ate way too much really good spaghetti, watched some Hustle and did the usual gazebo thing. Though I am ticked at the weather for ruining the Evening at the Pool I had been trying to piece together. Ah, well, my fault for not consulting the forecast before making plans. Maybe next time.

Also? Oblivion still owns me.

in the ghettt-ttoooooooo

Friday, June 16, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star

But some punk took the radio out of my car.

Yes, that's right, some idiot decided he deserved my 6 year old beat-up CD player more than I did. And I didn't even have my windows rolled down like I normally do! The irony is that my car spent three days alone and unsupervised in a parking lot out of gas, and no one took the radio then. The NIGHT I get gas in it and get it home, no more radio. Between 11PM and 8:45AM this happened. I had been meaning to replace the radio anyway, but really. That's just sad. Left my CDs, my baseball bat, my hats, the two quarts of oil and the change in the ashtray. Just the old and tired CD player. And you can't even use half the functions because the remote got missing almost a year and a half ago. But good for you, hoodlum kid. You have a bright future in Prison Occupation. Congratulations. I hope taking my radio made you feel better about your 3 inch penis. At least the doors were unlocked so they didn't bust my windows.

who steals a radio out of a piece of crap car like mine anyway?!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Catch Up

There's been a goodly amount of stuff going on that I've neglected to post. I blame the intense focus on the suck of late. But there's quick bits.

This past weekend, was, overall, a pleasant experience. The bachelor party out on the lake was fantastic. I miss gaming with people. Stupid not-so-much gaming roommates! But! It was Thursday night that the unforeseeable awesomeness happened! I beat Jerod's bugs! That's right, my first time commanding an Eldar force, I won! Though, to be fair, it was just barely. Essentially, everything got wiped off the table except my two unharmed tanks. But that's 360 points out of a 1000 army. So not so bad. There were a handful of bugs left on the table but all blasted to well below half strength. A moral victory, but no much else, as all of my foot soldiers got et.

To top off all the crap from Monday, my car ran out of gas not half a mile from a gas station. Not that I had the funds to pay for the gas, mind you. The schedulers at my store have seen to that. But I was frustratingly close to everywhere I could want to be. Rah. And thanks to that, I didn't get to swim yesterday. Which sucks. And I closed today, so no swimming. But tomorrow, I am the off, so swim I shall!

In other news, I'm getting frustrated with my hair. I've been trying to grow it out for a while. If I didn't work in a retail environment, I wouldn't care so much. But I do work with the public. And even I care a little about my image. The scruffiness of face, meh. But the hair, even if it looks unkempt, should not be curling up and out and forward, so that if my hair had it's way, I'd look like my face was in a bowl of hair. That's just no good. That and I am horribly impatient. I just want to cut it all off and go back to my old hair style, all short and low maintenance. I miss the low maintenance. Thoughts?

my "i" key is slowly dying. i weep.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jumping Ship

Yeah. So I'm getting out. Too much BS. I don't blame Best Buy. I don't blame Geek Squad. I don't blame the store or even most of my co-workers. I blame Scott Horton, Services Manager at Best Buy store 155 in Greensboro. Today I found out that we have moved one of our best techs out to the computers sales floor as a Computers Senior and in his place took one of the best Computer sales guys we have OFF the floor and made him a Geek Squad senior. What the hell. And with Marquis leaving very soon, I'm going to have nothing but sales people as bosses in a services department. How does this possibly make sense?! It's like I work in the motor pool for the Army. Similar things, fixing and maintaining equipment. Only the powers that be saw fit to replace all the leadership in the motor pool with supply officers and sergeants. People with no technical experience. And I have to answer to these people?! How in the nine circles of hell does this possibly make any sense?!?! Christ! So I called up Adam this evening and tomorrow he's going to see what's open where he works. Or how soon an IT spot would be open there. Because I have GOT to find something better than this. And it really burns me up that this one manager is making want to leave Best Buy. The company has been pretty good to me. Decent pay, good benefits. Just one asshole ruining my job.

here comes the new boss. same as the old boss

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

First Time for Everything

So we got kicked off the gazebo tonight. For the first time ever. What appeared to be an off-duty deputy who may or may not be the one that lives in the complex came out as we were setting up. A parrot he was.

him: "Poo' close a' teen."

us: "But management has never had a problem with us before."

h: "Poo' close a' teen. No akahaw at da poo'. Poo' close a' teen."

u: "That's fine, but we're not at the pool."

h: "Da's fie. No akahaw at da poo'. Poo' close a' teen."

So. We pack up the crap. And Chris will be having a long and heartfelt conversation with the management. Maybe get us some hall passes or something.

In other news, yet another wedding! This time my cousin Tony is getting married and I'm a groomsman. Rehearsal tomorrow, bachelor party type thing Friday, wedding Saturday. This will make three weddings I have been a part of the party. This does, however, mark an interesting passage. Of all of the cousins on my dad's side, I am the third oldest. And as of Saturday, my two older cousins will be married. Marking me as the next, if one goes by ages. Though my younger brother seems to be ahead of me in the realm of relationships. Shouldn't I be next? Soon to be wed, plans for kids, oldest son to oldest son to oldest son and all that jazz? Sigh.

nobody knows who i really am