Friday, June 30, 2006

Buh Lah

Yawn. Dullsville around here. I'm ready for the weekend. Work is long and draining, as always, but at least the numbers are good! OMFG YAY!!!1 Rah. Good surprise though, is that I did the math wrong and I get paid today instead of next week. Money is being the useful. Need to hit the grocery store tomorrow, pay for a doublet. Just enough left after that to sit on. Yaaaay. But I open in several hours, and Saturday is off. So hurrah weekend. Jerod's coming out this way Saturday night, so I might do something really crazy and break out a hookah. Gasp.

Also? I'm still debating the whole haircut thing. What's wrong with me?!

georgia, georgia

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No haircut! Haircut BAD.

I am currently watching an eposide of "Frasier" guest starring Alan Tudyk. Woo hoo!