Wednesday, June 07, 2006

First Time for Everything

So we got kicked off the gazebo tonight. For the first time ever. What appeared to be an off-duty deputy who may or may not be the one that lives in the complex came out as we were setting up. A parrot he was.

him: "Poo' close a' teen."

us: "But management has never had a problem with us before."

h: "Poo' close a' teen. No akahaw at da poo'. Poo' close a' teen."

u: "That's fine, but we're not at the pool."

h: "Da's fie. No akahaw at da poo'. Poo' close a' teen."

So. We pack up the crap. And Chris will be having a long and heartfelt conversation with the management. Maybe get us some hall passes or something.

In other news, yet another wedding! This time my cousin Tony is getting married and I'm a groomsman. Rehearsal tomorrow, bachelor party type thing Friday, wedding Saturday. This will make three weddings I have been a part of the party. This does, however, mark an interesting passage. Of all of the cousins on my dad's side, I am the third oldest. And as of Saturday, my two older cousins will be married. Marking me as the next, if one goes by ages. Though my younger brother seems to be ahead of me in the realm of relationships. Shouldn't I be next? Soon to be wed, plans for kids, oldest son to oldest son to oldest son and all that jazz? Sigh.

nobody knows who i really am


The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

If I were a bad friend, I would say, "C'mon, Justin! Let's get hitched and make lave babies!".... fortunately for the both of us, I'm a good friend to you and would never ruin your life like that.

The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

pardon... the term was meant to be 'love babies'... pardon my sloppy fingers on the keyboards... I may have been drinking... I forget...
ps> the word verification letters are always the most bizarre combinations... what's up with that? what can't it say 'apple'?

John said...

Obviously, someone was angry that you were having fun. How dare you lot enjoy yourselves and make merry!? Life is pain!

And other, similar rot.

Sucks though. Best of luck with those hall passes.

Also, word verification? hmmmmx. How bizzare.

Static said...

For the record, I spoke very tersely to management today.

They told me the guy had spoken to them this morning and they'd given us the 'cool' sign.

"The hookah boys are fine. Leave them alone."

Unfortunately, because of the Yugoslavs and their combat volleyball...they will be locking all gates to the pool at 10 PM very soon until some other means of securing the pool can be put into effect. We have a temporary reprieve.