Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Catch Up

There's been a goodly amount of stuff going on that I've neglected to post. I blame the intense focus on the suck of late. But there's quick bits.

This past weekend, was, overall, a pleasant experience. The bachelor party out on the lake was fantastic. I miss gaming with people. Stupid not-so-much gaming roommates! But! It was Thursday night that the unforeseeable awesomeness happened! I beat Jerod's bugs! That's right, my first time commanding an Eldar force, I won! Though, to be fair, it was just barely. Essentially, everything got wiped off the table except my two unharmed tanks. But that's 360 points out of a 1000 army. So not so bad. There were a handful of bugs left on the table but all blasted to well below half strength. A moral victory, but no much else, as all of my foot soldiers got et.

To top off all the crap from Monday, my car ran out of gas not half a mile from a gas station. Not that I had the funds to pay for the gas, mind you. The schedulers at my store have seen to that. But I was frustratingly close to everywhere I could want to be. Rah. And thanks to that, I didn't get to swim yesterday. Which sucks. And I closed today, so no swimming. But tomorrow, I am the off, so swim I shall!

In other news, I'm getting frustrated with my hair. I've been trying to grow it out for a while. If I didn't work in a retail environment, I wouldn't care so much. But I do work with the public. And even I care a little about my image. The scruffiness of face, meh. But the hair, even if it looks unkempt, should not be curling up and out and forward, so that if my hair had it's way, I'd look like my face was in a bowl of hair. That's just no good. That and I am horribly impatient. I just want to cut it all off and go back to my old hair style, all short and low maintenance. I miss the low maintenance. Thoughts?

my "i" key is slowly dying. i weep.


Jerod said...

Buzz the hair!
High and tight!

or something like that.

P.S. Can someone define "lbnaszn" for me?

Anonymous said...

Long hair! Long hair!

Ahem. I mean, um...

Long hair! LONG HAIR!

Jerod: "lbnaszn" is a Russian dish consisting of beets and cilantro, to be served at big dinners with the family.

Mine is "sksuy", obviously Japanese.

John said...

My hair is low maintenance. I wash it, I pull it back, it doesn't dry until early afternoon.

nazsfbdp: 1. n, a strong reaction in a mental ward. "He went all nazsfbdp during shock treatment."
2. a Lovecraftian horror associated with feline waste.