Friday, June 16, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star

But some punk took the radio out of my car.

Yes, that's right, some idiot decided he deserved my 6 year old beat-up CD player more than I did. And I didn't even have my windows rolled down like I normally do! The irony is that my car spent three days alone and unsupervised in a parking lot out of gas, and no one took the radio then. The NIGHT I get gas in it and get it home, no more radio. Between 11PM and 8:45AM this happened. I had been meaning to replace the radio anyway, but really. That's just sad. Left my CDs, my baseball bat, my hats, the two quarts of oil and the change in the ashtray. Just the old and tired CD player. And you can't even use half the functions because the remote got missing almost a year and a half ago. But good for you, hoodlum kid. You have a bright future in Prison Occupation. Congratulations. I hope taking my radio made you feel better about your 3 inch penis. At least the doors were unlocked so they didn't bust my windows.

who steals a radio out of a piece of crap car like mine anyway?!


needleseye said...

Well, someone stole a completely cheap radio/cassette player,probly $30 when it was new, out of my barely running '78 grandprix, and took nothing else. The people that took it were in the parking lot and saw me leave my car, I saw them too. It was locked, but even I could pop the lock with a coathanger. It's the kind of thing they do on a dare, comprende? Yeah, so, its mostly an inconvenience to you, but training to them for the high dollar thievery.

Jerod said...

I'd be willing to wager that if your doors had been locked, the radio would still be residing in your car. I would say that I hate to say I told you so, but that would be lying...

I told you so.

rfkukhs: n. absolute dominion or jurisdiction; sovereignty; origin: ancient Slavic

John said...


That's a dumb planet.

Well, I suppose this gives you an opportunity to use some extra cash and your employee discount.

Sorry for the luck.