Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Conversions and Apartment Seeking

I visited my friend's little place in Winston this evening, and finally got to show her the pilot episode of Firefly. Which, of course, she immediately liked and wanted to know more. So she is currently borrowing my copy of the complete series. Yay! More converts to the Browncoat Cult! Yay! Also, she wants a bigger place, and there's a house next door to her converted upstairs apartment thing that's for sale pretty cheap. So currently she's checking to see when she would be able to get a loan and buy a house. Since the house is as low in cost as it is, $83,000, the payments, with utilities would be the same, if not less than if I was living next door to her in the other converted upstairs apartment thing. Failing that, it would be really easy to open the separating door to the two places and make it one big place, which would make sense. So yay happy fun looks good for me being able to move out of this dungeon of mine.

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