Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mmmm, New Radio

Well. I've certainly attempted to be productive today. At least, when I finally woke up, I was. Today was a much needed day off, but I slept too long on account of the rain. But I did finally wake up. Finished off the leftovers I made last night. Spaghetti doused in herbs and drowning in garlic with spinach in the sauce. Mmmm. But I've done some laundry, fixed my anti-virus, and installed a radio into the Lincoln. That's right, I installed a new radio into the Lincoln. Bwahaha. Though it weren't easy, let me tell you. I didn't have any wire-strippers to begin with. But I made do with an Xacto knife and some clippers. That was until I discovered that the wiring harness I had was ever so slightly different from the one used in the Lincoln. What with the Lincoln having a factory premium sound system and all. Rassum frassum. But I fixed that in short order. Tested everything, and it's all working fabulously. I set a few things up, but I haven't delved into the manual too deeply yet. And it's been a couple of years since I really used this model of radio. But it's so awesome, it is. Maybe I'll take pictures once Hannah gets done with my camera.

And before you ask, things are still very much amazing with Hannah. Me am happy.

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