Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not Gonna Do It

I am not going to turn this into a once a week blog. I promise. I've just been reluctant to get too comfortable using Megatron all the time. Since I have this huge ass paperweight/desktop-space-taker-upper which used to be my PC until I get the RAM issue figured out. But that's an issue not likely to be solved anytime in the next few weeks. Although my next paycheck is going to be a little bigger than normal, thanks to personal hours added to fill the gap in hours PLUS my 38 hours this week PLUS the eight hours of holiday pay for Thanksgiving. Whee. But rent is due on that check. Oh well.

Work. Yeesh. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm a Double Agent and can get out of the tech bench. I love the work, but the people are starting to make me ill. I got spoken to today for not charging a guy up front. First time in something like two weeks that's happened. And it's not as though he's not going to pay for it when he gets in to pick it up. Meanwhile, there are people on the Geek Squad at our store, well, person really, who will use our work computer to download illegal software, music, movies, as well as check his email, and also print out stuff for personal use. Now. I am not above any of those things. However, I am above doing such on company time using company computers and paper. That's rudeness. This same fellow is personally responsible for at least on major screw up a day. Sometimes it's in relation to a customer's computer. Sometimes it's in relation to company policy. Either way, it's annoying enough just working with the guy. Cause he never shuts up and always tries to include himself into whatever conversation anyone is having. And always in a horribly self-depreciating way. Not in the funny Rodney Dangerfield kinda way. In the annoying "Oh yeah, well I've had it worse because..." and "I'm a retard, hur." Yeah. And he smells like cheap cigarettes and unwashed breathe. All the time.

Black Friday. Not looking forward to that. I am lucky, though. I'm working 11-7:30. A much safer shift. The 7 hour sale ends at noon. And most of the people and the product will most likely have disappeared at that point anyway.

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