Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well, perhaps too dark a word for the meaning I intend, but I do like my drama. The Carolina Renaissance festival has, indeed, come to a close. The last weekend was (unseasonably) fair and bright. A little too warm for my tastes, but what can you do? The cast-party was as awesome as always. And there was Guiness! Guiness on tap! For free! After salivating over it for an entire season, there it was in my hand. A nice cool glass of Guiness straight from the tap. Yum. And of course, the free food. But it was the talent show that made the event, as it does every year. Lots of really fun stuff. I'll miss the faire, as I do every year. I wish I would have had every weekend this year, but it was not to be, I suppose. Next year will be different. We'll have to see. I got paid for the run this weekend, too. That was cool. I forgot about that completely, so when the bossman comes around handing out checks, I was like "Sweet!" And it was awesome. Oh! And our new entertainment director is officially the entertainment director. His name is Rob and all of us are glad he's on board. Good guy.

On a sadder note, The faire season saw something wonderful come into bloom and fade into the autumn wind. Started with the premiere of Serenity and the opening weekend, and ended late last night. It is something I will always cherish and I will miss it.

To the one I will miss: I love you. Now and always. We have parted as lovers, but will always be dearest companions and friends. Remember that.

that's right, a shakespeare reference in the blues


Cygnus X-1 said...

The note translates as follows: Julien is no longer a Virgin. Thank God! We were ALL tired of the moping . . . four years was more than enough.

Grey you need to remember whether it's yourself or a friend: Wrong is wrong. You knew what Chris was up to and helped. You never said NO.

To cover things up, the two of you managed to BS the right people and cause enough misdirection. Bluntly, it's time to atone for your actions.

This is a friend talking. When you hurt people deliberately or accidentially, you need to make apologies and make ammends. You still haven't done that. I understand you are about to be called on at least one matter. Be a grownup and deal with it.

Julien Grey said...

Well, Cygnus, I've got no clue who you are, so I can't even being to put your words into context of any situation. On top of the fact that this entry is, what, almost 6 months old? Of course, I know you'll never see this, and you've cleverly hidden your identity so as to hide fomr me. But let me say this for anyone who ever comes across this. I never helped Chris. I did tell him what he was doing was wrong. Then he lied to me and said it was over when it wasn't. You're right, I didn't run right to Lani and tell her everything that was going on. But it wasn't my place to do so. I have since apologized TO LANI for that. Repeatedly. When she found out I tried to advise her on the wisest course of action, but she didn't take that advice. She's just now doing the "Taking some time alone" that I told her she needed to take IN DECEMBER.

But if there's something I'm about to be called on, bring it on. I'll be a grownup and not hide when making vague threats at someone. You wanna be an adult and talk to me face to face?