Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ah, Geekcraft.

So I've finally tossed and moved around all my files. I got a 160GB used hard drive off my buddy Tony (also the supplier of the Super Monitor). As such, I decided to use my 120GB secondary drive as the primary, as was my intention long, long ago. It took some time, though. Megatron's USB 2.0 slot got damaged in a tragic Bailey-Knocking-the-Laptop-Off-a-Table accident. So I was using USB 1.1 to transfer from the 120GB to the 40GB drive in Megatron to the 160GB drive using an external enclosure and switching the drives back and forth. Whee. Weren't that fun? Right now, though, I am attempting to install Windows on the 120 while using my laptop on the same desk. Mmm, Geekery.

so many fans...

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