Monday, June 25, 2007

18 Days Later...

Just checking in before I run some errands.

I've signed up with a temp agency for the summer. They were impressed with my test scores and think they can place me right away. I'm just waiting to hear back from them about a potential job. As a note, I uploaded my resume late Thursday, filled out their online application, and got a call first thing Friday morning. Yay me.

I was in Raleigh for the weekend and had a fairly good time. My days were a little dull, but Hannah was doing her Army band thing, so there was no help for it. Though I did get a lot of reading done. Yay new book!

Hannah and Chris are going to be gone until the 4th or 5th on their Annual Training Band-a-Thon thing. So I'm going to find myself very socially bored very soon. Anybody got any ideas? Hopefully I'll start the temp work soon so I'll at least have something to do.

Speaking of reading, I highly recommend Steven Brust. He writes fantasy novels. The first set of his I got into was his "Khaavren Romances." I got the first book in that series, The Phoenix Guards, at a book fair in middle school, I think. That run is a series of five books styled after Alexander Dumas' Musketeer series of books. It's very fun, swashbuckling and witty banter. But my sweet and awesome lady-friend bought me The Book of the Jhereg, which is a collection of the first three books (Jhereg, Yendi, and Teckla) of his series of books about Vlad Taltos, a human assassin working for and in the world of Brust's universe's elves. They writing style is more modern in tone than the "high speech" of the Khaavren books, but that makes them a lighter read. All very good. I finished all three books in a matter of a few days, so now I've got to go buy the next collection or so. Yay books! ^_^ and/or XD.

But now I have errands to run and books to buy and lunch to eat.

take a look; it's in a book

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