Thursday, June 07, 2007

So Bad At This

I didn't used to be, though. I used to blog all the time. And then I found something else to do, I guess. *shrug*

Well, the biggest news since the last post is that I am finally out from under the yoke of Corporate Retail. Best Buy and I finally called it quits. It might have dumped me, but the love was gone a long time ago. And I sure as hell wasn't going to be the one to quit on it. I'm no quitter. The last several days have been very relaxing. And, shock of shocks, I even have another job lined up! The Greensboro Day School job I've mentioned before is very, very likely mine. There's no 100% sureness to it, but my former co-worker and still friend Adam is putting in good word and effort for me. Huzzah! The only down side is that it doesn't start until August. Which means I need to find another job for the summer. Which is pooptastic if you ask me. But paychecks being meager due to crappy hours I don't have anything resembling enough saved up to pay my bills for two months. Bleh. Which probably means another two months of retail crap, since that's what will most likely be doing any just summer hiring. Feh. Feh I say!

Hannah's been here since last Friday. I'm glad for it, but there's some growing pains, of a sort. We haven't been together all that long, and we're suddenly seeing a whole lot of each other. But it's working out. That whole True Love thing and all.

Yay pool! I've spent most of this week's afternoons at the pool and it is good. I'm actually getting a little bit of a tan on this pasty flesh of mine. Totally killing the whole geek-cave-troll image, though, so I'll have to find a new one.

Well, if anyone knows of any just-for-the-summer jobs, send the ideas my way.

Tomorrow I get to go up to Boone with Hannah for the day. Yay mountains!

everybody's workin' for the weekend

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