Monday, May 14, 2007

Yay music!

So the other day at work I finally saw the benefit of the rote memorization of company policies word for freaking word. At random, the closing manager one night asked if we knew the "core philosophies" and could speak them out loud. Having memorized the exact wording a long time ago, I swiftly shot my hand up, eager to display my bored knowledge. I was called upon, and, in utter amazement to myself and others, Annie told me to go pick out a CD. Huzzah! All because I could readily, and word-for-word, recite a few lines of corporate bull hockey. So I got Rush's Gold album. Why you ask? Well, when put to it, I can never remember the CDs I want to get. But Hannah loves Rush, and I like Rush well enough to get a CD of their greatest hits. And immediately after ripping the songs to my hard drive, I handed Hannah the set. New music FTW!

Other than that, I still don't like my job. I'm still fairly stuck at my job. Hannah is awesome. Pretty much the status quo, really. I have two days off in a row, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is my birthday. I plan to do some laundry, clean my room, play video games, possibly assemble some Eldar, and have a good ol' Drink and Smoke one or both nights.

Also, I'm a terrible son. I got swapped into working Sunday from open to close, so I didn't get a chance to call anyone to say happy Mother's Day. I'm also mad at myself for not managing my money well enough to be able to afford any cards this year. In my defense, my hours have been less than ideal and I got hit with rent, insurance, car payment, and gas expenditures all in one shorter-than-usual check. I still feel like a putz, though. I would have called after I got off work, but my phone was dead and my charger is in Boone. I'm using Skywarp to charge it right now, but it won't turn on yet (2:30AM), but it should by the time I get up tomorrow. So belated greetings I hope will be ok. Such a shmuck.

25 years. Man. When did that happen?

you say it's your birthday

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