Friday, March 09, 2007

Ten Things I Hate About Me. You. Something. Here's Ten Things.

So I got tagged by Lenore for this little meme. I write ten things, presumably, about me. One is false. You all get to try and figure out which one is false. Bwahaha.

1. I'm naturally left-handed, but saw all the other kids in my preschool class writing with their right hands and thought that must be how it's done, and so now I write right.

2. I slept through two years of French class in high school and still managed the second highest grade in the class for both years.

3. My natural body temperature is somewhere around 97.6.

4. I once stayed up for 48 hours straight because I was bored and wanted to see what happened.

5. I BS'ed my way through my 9th grade science project using completely fabricated data I made up the day before the project was due and made the highest grade in the class.

6. I was engaged at one point.

7. Despite all outward appearances, American Idol is one of my secret, guilty pleasures. Though, not the beginning because I have perfect pitch and it hurts my brain to hear people who can't sing try to.

8. I was once elected the president pro temp of the East Rowan FBLA because the current president was unable to make the conference.

9. I once owned an undead 1980 Ford Van that could not be killed so long as gas was in the gas tank.

10. I was once on the front page of the Salisbury Post for selling lemonade.

So now you get to pick the thing I'm lying about and should be punished for!

Oh, and I get to tag five people. Hmmm. Hannah, Jules, Jerod, CMS, and TWG.


Anonimis said...

Im quite suprized that one simple comment can create a mass of ubnouxious words thrown around on the internet asifit means something. and thanks for taking note of my spelling mistakes, because I dont no wat a speelin cheek is. or, I dont care. Im quite impressed aswell with the bloger, who continued his semi-personal blog dispite the chaos. so, I will end all "unnesisarie" comments. injoy the tiepos. and its probably 3

Static said...


That was actually somewhat clever. I chuckled.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually one of our friends, rather than the anonymous poster from previous blogs.

Oh's the one about perfect pitch. And if it isn't...then I hate to tell you dude, but you don't have perfect pitch.

oxjucwqj: The only sound a human being is capable of producing after three bottles of that oh-so-exquisite beer served at the Celtic Cafe

Julien Grey said...

It's number seven. That's the lie, it is.