Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Checking In

I know it's been awhile. I'd probably feel remotely guilty, but Hannah's been here since last, what, Friday? She's been on Spring Break, so yay me. Everything here's going well enough, but a lot of things that would have pissed me the hell off are minor nuisances since I've had a very loving girlfriend to come home to the last week-ish. No matter how tired or sore or angry I've been when I've come home, the girlfriend factor has done a right good job of washing it all away. Oh how I've missed this feeling. I think the Retarded Let's Change the Schedule Three Times and Tell No One trend is finally going to stop at work. So yay that. Numbers have continued to be awesome, at least on the days I work, so yay me, there. I also might have found someone to buy the Monte Carlo off of me, and it's a "good cause" not just some guy what wants to pimp out a big car. We'll see how dat goes. I might have also found someone who might buy a laptop off of me, too. If that goes through, then I'll have a little extra cash on hand to maybe get ahead on a couple of things. So things are really good. I'll make a longer post maybe tomorrow. Hannah has to go back to Boone and get her stuff for drill this weekend (weep!) so I'll have the free time. I'm here, wish you were nice.

a peaceful, easy feelin'

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