Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Love to Work at Nothin' All Day

Sorry to be so detached from all you out in intarweebsland, but Burning Crusade came out, so I've been a bit glued to the tube. Not as bad as Jerod, but I've been "stuck" in WoW for most of my spare time. I lucked out, too. One of the perks of working at Best Buy is I was able to set aside a collector's edition of the game for myself. Which was lucky, seeing as how all the rest of the store's copies got gone in a matter of minutes after the store opened. And we ran out of regular copies before too long into the day. It was a little pricey, but it had some neat stuff in it. The art book is fabulous and the soundtrack is awesome.

In other news, work is still work. The diaphonous future looks better for me at Best Buy, but it's as ellusive as ever.

However, the Sultan's Tent stands to prosper very soon. We've put the deposit on the vendor spot at Castle Carnevale and they're excited to have us there. They're actually giving us a little bit more spot than we're paying for, which is doubly awesome. We've got our application for the vendor spot at CRF and Chris is going to turn that in on Monday.

Oh. And I found my phone. Under a pile of laundry. Which is where I thought it was. But I had lost it. And now it's not lost. Exciting.

Man, I don't wanna go in at 8AM tomorrow. Like a whole lot.

and if you ever get annoyed/look at me i'm self-employed

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