Sunday, January 14, 2007

Long Days of Nothing

It's been a while, longer than it should have been, so here I am to update you all on the fabulous comings and goings of the last week or so. I worked all of two days last week (fun time, fun times), but I did get a good amount of cleaning and such done around my room. Mostly laundry, but I gave the bathroom a much needed rub down. Sadly, very sadly, a lot of my time has been spent on World of Warcraft. Ultimately, it was free time anyway, but it was still a bit much. I didn't get near as much done as I should have, though, really, the main thing not done was attempting to move my bed. Other than that, Chris, Wes, and I have picked up our regular workouts again. Yay that, at least. I've been doing the best I can to eat healthy, but it wasn't easy not having too much money to through around. Things are looking better for work, though. I might just be able to convince my managers to create a full time spot for Car-Fi for me. And it's a warrented event, really. Jimmy would love to have me work full-time. The department, as good as it's been since I got back there again, would be even better. But, even on top of that, there might actually be a chance for upward movement in Car-Fi. I had a one-on-one sit down chat with Jimmy yesterday. And for once, it wasn't a bad one, oddly enough. Just going over the month's goals and plans, and general praise for my performance, sprinkled with a dash of information spreading, given that I had last worked Monday. But I mentioned that we could really use a Senior in the department, which Jimmy said he was trying to work on getting. If I can get the managers to create a full-time spot in Car-Fi and if Jimmy can make a Senior spot, I stand a good chance to get it. But that's a lot of ifs. We'll see. Having a full-time position again would go a loooong way to making me want to stay at Best Buy. As much as I can, and do, complain about working retail, and under a certain manager or two, it's not a bad job, day-to-day. I can think of things I'd rather be doing for money, sure, but all told, it's not the worst job I've had. I do get some recognition for the job I do, even if it's not as much as I'd like. At nearly $11/hr it's not bad pay. And if I were working full-time hours, it would be even better. Also, given the performance of the departments I've worked in for the last year, my next review at the end of February could mean a significant pay increase.

And speaking of better oportunities, the Sultan's Tent stands to do really well this year. We've got a nice vendor spot for the Castle Carnevale at Castle McCulloch, assuming Chris comes through with getting the deposit paid. And that will spell massive sales for us. We're scrambling to gather up an inventory for the show, but there's plenty of time. If our Velvet Glove nights are any indication, we could very well make up the deposit in sit down lounge smokers alone, not including people who buy hookahs from us. Our distributor should have an updated price list to us sometime next week, I hope, so I can finish up the website. It's not much of a site right now, and I don't plan to make it a whole lot. We're not looking for a whole lot more than an online ordering page. Simple paypal business shopping cart interface, all html. Very easy load time, at least.

Next to penultimately, I've quadruple checked my enrollment in online W2 delivery. Last year I got mine around the 23rd. I certainly wouldn't mind getting it a little earlier. This year's return should be both timely and significant. I also might have a buyer for the Monte Carlo, and someone I trust to do right by it. And Doug's started making payments on my old laptop. So, if only for the time being, things are looking up a little bit.

Speaking of Penultimates, Bryan, the man friend of Alene (ThatWeirdGirl) has been hoisted off to play in the sandbox for a few months, so keep him, and all of our boys, girls, men, women, and others over there in your thoughts and prayers. They're doing good stuff over there. Really. Wrong reasons or not, we needed to be there. It would have been nicer if it had be handled right, but regardless, there's democracy there. There's not dictatorship. And the removal of tyrants...that's Godly work.

Lastly, if you tell someone (me) that you'll be free on a certain night (Friday) so I can come out and do you (Anglee [save your hisses and your comments until I'm done]) a favor by selling you a sound card and installing it for you (see? business) do have the decency to keep your appointment. If you can't, then at least have the kindness to call or message in one of the myriad means of communication we have at our disposal. It makes for much better planning of weekend nights. It really does. Ultimately, though, I spent my time with much nicer, and prettier company, and comfortably cuddled on the loveseat to boot, than Anglee anyway, so I think it worked out in the end. But still. Call? Email? IM? MySpace Message?! SOMETHING?!?! I mean really.


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