Monday, February 26, 2007


This weekend was easily the best weekend I have had, all told, in over a year. I have found someone who will not only put up with me, but actually enjoy me for me, lumps and oddness and all. And I like her in all her her-ness. Cause that makes sense. Her name is Hannah. I actually met her at Chris' wedding, but in a more off-hand kinda way. I remembered liking her face. And her dress blues. Yes, she's in the army. The band, though. She was one of the three people from Chris' current unit at the wedding. She's a little younger than I would otherwise maybe go for. 20, still in school. But we click so well, it's easy to forget such things. Of course the fact that she's gorgeous in a very classical way doesn't hurt.

Getting back to this weekend. She came down my way from App to finally "meet" after many long nights spent talking for hours and hours. And it felt like the most natural thing I've been a part of in the longest time. It felt like she was always supposed to be there right beside me. Familiar and still new. Comfortable, but oh so very exciting. And she smells great, too. It's an interesting dynamic we have, but very rewarding. I can't describe how lucky I feel to have found an even better thing than the one I lost. It's as though every good quality that ever existed in any girl I've loved in the past has been brought together into one single person and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She's of French and Scot origin, and it shows. She's a music major and a musician. She can cook, and loves to do so! (she made this awesome cake thing and brought it down this weekend. Yum!) She says she can sew (but admits her sister is much better at it), her eyes are brown with tinges of hunter green growing in from the outside. She possess a very classic beauty; heavy eyelids, great hips and legs. She's into anime, science fiction, fantasy. She wants to do the renaissance festival. She's tough and toughly built. She's strong and tall. She's got soft, pale, very kissable skin. What's not to love?

And I'm not ashamed or embarassed or afraid to say that I am very much in love with Hannah Gabrielle Eckerd.

ego te amo, mea dea minima


Anonymous said...

one in five americains die in a car accedent each year... I hope one of them is you.

Julien Grey said...

Dear Anonymous,

Don't be a coward if you seek to curse me. Do it in the open.