Friday, August 05, 2005

My Reign is Secured

Once again, I have worked my technomagery! First, I did procure a powered screwdriver. I had wanted one for some time, but this time I had a need! It was for the Second Task which became, incidentally, the Third Task. For the Second became the attainment of a flourescent bulb! Why, you may ask, did I get a flourescent lightbulb? Because my room becomes far, far too warm with a regular incandescent bulb. Three cheers for cool light sources. The Third Task set before me this evening was replacing the fans in my power supply. Not because I had to, but because the fans in there were plain and, they being 80mm, could be replaced by a pair of 4 LED case fans! So I did! But I needed the power screwdriver, as my hand alone could not produce the torque needed to unscrew the top of the PSU (power supply unit). Them sumbitches was on tiiiight. So now my computer is chock as full as I can make it with blue LED fans. 6 of them fellas. The Fourth Task of Geekery was healing, then killing, then fully resurrecting an older model PS2. The laser, it seems, was out of alignment. So I realigned it. Then, since it was half disassembled anyway, I finished the break down. Not too much was learned, but I was able to clean it out a bit, at least. But, being ADD, I didn't pay attention as closely as I should so I crossed some wires in the reassemble. But only on the on/off switch. So quick switch back and I have a fully operational PS2 for $20. Huzzah.

you do that voodoo that you do so well


Static said...


You couldn't be a bigger geek if you had a Dungeon Master's Guide in your hands RIGHT NOW.

John said...

He could if it was one of the original ones from the first print run of the first edition.

needleseye said...

mmm geek. ;}