Sunday, July 31, 2005

More yummy food.

Curse you food network, making me want to cook again. So I cooked again. Marinated some chicken breasts in raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing, garlic, and some white zinfandel. For a day. Served it over some macaroni shells with just a smidgen of olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, and parmesan cheese lightly coating the pasta. Served with chilled white zin. Made for a very fine meal, I must say.

We're going to try some grenadine in our hookah tonight with cherry molasses tobacco. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

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Anonymous said...

For lunch today I am having a round bread, tenderly microwaved on high for 37 seconds, carefully smothered in mashed legumes. As a side I am having potato slivers, fried, laced with a hint of sour cream and sprinkled with onion. Eaten at Chez Desk to the sound of phones ringing.