Saturday, July 16, 2005

Zelda Junkie

So payday was today. And what do I do with it? Save for the future? Tuck it away for a larger purchese next month? Put it towards that new car I want to get? Heck no! I go and buy The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Farscape Season 3. To be fair, though, I got both at a discount (Used at EB Games for the former and eBay for the latter) and of such a discount as to be a small portion of my paycheck, the rest of which went to my monthly savings deposit and bills.

But Minish Cap is everything a Zelda game should be. Puzzles, monsters, the quest for a better sword to save the princess. Though it would be hard to be as expansive as Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time, it stands to reason that it could easily be as big as A Link to the Past was. And that was a big one. Supposedly, Minish Cap is the first Zelda story in the timeline Nintendo says exists, so that's kinda cool. And it incorporates a large number of sound effects from the later games while keeping with the A Link to the Past look and feel that is so well known and loved by Zelda freaks like me. Now all I need is the Zelda Collection for the Gamecube and A Link to the Past for the GBA and I'll have every (true) Zelda game. Whee!

ha! come on!

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thatweirdgirl said...

i think I'm gonna buy/make you a little green hat.