Saturday, July 02, 2005

News? What?

I often try to keep politics out of my blog here and focus more on crap that has absolutely no meaning to anyone outside of my circle of friends. But, I feel, perhaps, it is time I said something, although, because of the nature of my blog, only the aforementioned circle of friends will see my blog. Go fig. Anyway.

Bush's handling of Iraq is unpopular. Well no shit. It's an ugly, politically motivated, politically-correct war. Anyone's handling of Iraq would be unpopular. If Kerry or Gore or, hell, the Pope were president, their handling of the war would be unpopular. And comparisons to Vietnam are crap. Utter bullshit. Why? Well, let's break it down. Vietnam: Jungle. Never fought in a jungle before. Iraq: Desert. We know deserts. We've been in them before. Hell, we've been in the area before. A lot. Also? Casualties. Just on sheer numbers, this war is far better for us. Any American soldier who is killed in combat is a tragedy. But 1500? Over the course of 840 days? Would that all wars should be this clean.

I've got a childhood buddy of mine over there, so don't go accusing me of bein unsympathetic to the friends and families of the soldiers over there. My friend joined up knowing he'd go to war. He wanted to do it. His father retired a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Flew helicopters in Vietnam, two tours. Purple Heart. Green Beret. Distinguished Flying Cross. The boy wants to follow his father and serve.

And we've done some real good over there. John Scalzi has mentioned before in his blog that even if the reasons for going over there weren't kosher, we still needed to be over there. And I agree. Saddam had to be stopped. No one else would, so we had to. It's our calling. Team America: World Police. (America! F@#k, yeah!) The Iraqi people have a democratically elected government. Our soldiers toppled tyranny and gave freedom. And I would like to think that the men and women who have died would be proud to know that their lives were given to free a nation from oppression. It is a noble and holy calling.

Supreme Court rulings. Yeah. Well. I can see where they're coming from on the Ten Commandments issue, so I got no beef there. The internet downloading issue, however, hits a little closer to home. I don't download music like I used to, but I've got a lot of music that, well, let's say I never had a hard copy of. I have many times downloaded music to taste a band before buying a CD. And I have bought several CDs using such a method. But attack as they might, the RIAA and MPAA is fighting a futile battle. No matter how many services they topple, those that want to file-share will find a way (gyar.)

In other news, it's 5AM and I have to open in a few hours. I have no clue why I got struck with such a hard case of insomnia, but it's annoying as hell. Also, Inu Yasha remains one of the best animes ever. Sesshomaru is badassitude. I'm also testing the waters on buying a new car. Anglee *wolf howls*(sorry, American Dad. I know that was your gimmick for Karl Rove *baawwwooooooo* but it's funny.) has given up on her 199X Honda. It needs some engine work, but as part of buying the car I'd be willing to split the costs to get it running. Needs a paint job, but I've never owned a car that didn't. But it's a Honda. Much better gas mileage. I can do a lot with a Honda. And I think it would look damn cool in a gunmetal grey.

4:57AM. Time to try and get a few hours of nap in before my day.

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