Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Take that survey, all you bloggers in the world. It'll help MIT get a better sample. And who doesn't like MIT? Just a quick pop in whilst I'm in the midst of doing other things that also end in -st. Or not. Right. Chris is finally back from his (curse him) vacation in (also curse him) Walt Disney World in Florida. But I think he needed the trip, so good for him. The bugger.

Work. Yeah, what to say about work. Everyone sucks on the sales floor but me. Jimmy's given more a few more responsibilities on the floor, which is a bit of a stressor. No more pay (yet) for the active and competent execution of these new responsibilities, but my time will come. In the interim, howe'er, he has tasked me with the training of all the new guys that will be coming in to the Car Audio department. Echos of Chick-fil-A, there. Speaking of CFA, the boss-man paid for lunch there today. Free food = ample recognition. For me at least. If rockin' at the job means more free lunches for me, I'll keep on rockin' at the job. Unfortunately, there's not much chance of me being promoted within the Car Audio department to senior, what with there being a senior already and another guy with lots more experience to take his place should the current senior crap out. But I like it there. No plans to go to another department until I max out my pay scale in Car Audio. Even with the increased responsibility, I am personally responsible for less by way of actual revenue. Which, given my experience in selling computers for an hour last week, I am by no means incapable of making more money, but I'm lazy. If I can make the same money with a little less work and a little less demands, well, I'll go for it. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

Also, if anyone knows any household remedies to remove rust from steel, that'd be super. I'd like to start cleaning up my armor, but my rust remover stuff didn't make it up here from my mom's yet.

go monkey go


needleseye said...

For that rusty armor you can try vinegar...
OR salt and lime juice...a lemon might work too.


or a potato and baking soda. I assume you aren't going to be scrubbing so the potato thing may not work.

Anonymous said...

Very very fine steel wool, says the girl who works with iron all the time.