Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dior Thingol, Young Prince of Felix

I have a new cat! Kitten, really. I think he's 10 weeks old. Tiny little critter he is. He's a dark grey tabby tux cat. His name is Dior Thingol, which means Dark Grey Coat in Sindarin Elvish. We call him DT for short. Bailey, of course, immediately wanted to play, only the tiny guy wasn't too keen on the prospect. Ebony is, as to be expected, wholly unimpressed at the prospect of another cat in the house, especially one so young. But he's a cute little thing. I'll have to find my digital camera, snap a few shots of him when I can.

hail Dior, Thingol's Heir


Anonymous said...

Wow, for a moment there I thought I was on John's blog. Someone so delighted about having a new kitty. Watch out, he'll be jealous.

thatweirdgirl said...

A kitty? I thought MEN liked big dogs.

frisbee, fetch, attck the annoying person...

just joshin. I bet he's super duper cute and sweet. Does he curl up in your hand and sleep? I bet that's a cute picture...picture! I want a picture!