Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh. Hey. Yeah.

As it turns out, corporations can make mistakes and can even rectify those mistakes relatively swiftly. Car Audio was doing rather poorly last month. The store was doing ok, but my department was just lagging in the numbers. But we can't really control a whole lot of that. If people aren't interested in radios, they aren't interested in radios. Then someone had the bright idea to look at more than straight percentages. Then all of a sudden, we're looking not horrible but actually pretty good, save revenue. Because while we didn't have large numbers by percentage, the amount of money we were making for Best Buy was significant. Meaning we didn't sell as much as we should have, but what we did sell was making lots of margin dollars. So last month wasn't as terrible as it could have looked. This month has started off with a massive bang for us. We had made our budget by 6PM, whereas the closest department was sitting at 75% at the time. So we rock.

Now if only I could get someone to realize that paying me $0.24 more an hour doesn't mean you can cut my weekly hours by 8. 1) A week full of 6.5 hour days means NO LUNCH for Justin. Which makes Justin more than a little cranky. 2) You're actually paying me less. More per hours, but enough of a cut in hours to make me poorer. We're currently operating at 70% of our payroll budget in Car Audio so it's not like we can't afford it.

My room finally approaches finished! My desk made it up this past Saturday. I didn't get to cleaning it out until yesterday, though. Moved the laptop off my dresser to actually sitting on the desk (OMGWTFBBQ!!!1). And while Jerod (LOSER!) forgot my desk chair, I've ganked one from the, mostly, unused dining room. Temporarily, of course. If this place didn't already feel so much like home, it would feel more like home. But this is home. First place since my parents' houses that felt like home. Now Salisbury is "Mom's house" and Greensboro is "my" house. Whee.

Lastly, allergies, you are a dick. You go aaaalllll bloody spring without so much as a peep. And then, without warning, you smite me about the head and shoulders. This morning. Yes, you were there, you remember. No warning. Felt just fine last night, don't ya know. I will destroy you.

bad case of lovin' you

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You what? You what the chair? Ganked? What?