Thursday, July 21, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wow. What an awesome book. In three (two and a half, really) sittings, I completed the book. If it weren't for work I might have done it in one. And twisty, wouldn't you know it. The biggest twist, for me, was finding out who the Half-Blood Prince turned out to be. And no, it's not who you think. No, not even him. And it's not an obvious "not who you think" either. Just a good damn book. If you thought some of the other books were starting to look a little dark, yeah. They got nothin' on this one. Lucky for me then that Chris was playing at a release party thing in Raliegh and got himself a copy. Because I was then able to read his copy. Whee.

yeah, grey is my favorite color


John said...

Bwahahaha! I did, in fact, know who the Prince was.

Well, okay, not exactly. But I had the list of suspects narrowed to three by the middle of the book and the actual identity of the Prince was among them!

This means that I'm either very clever or plots are predictable. Or somewhere between.

thatweirdgirl said...

Well there was really only one choice for HBP. It was a certain type of book after all. There are only so many people in the HPverse that are familiar with that subject. It's hard to be vague. I don't think I've succeeded.

For me the book got a pretty good. Not a full thumbs-up. I do hope she keeps the quidditch announcer, that was one of my favorite parts.

needleseye said...

"yeah, grey is my favorite color"

Is grey actually a color? A shade between black and white, actually makes it achromatic. No hue.
So you could say grey is your favotite lack of color. ;)

Grey is also its own complementary color. It's afterimage, were you to stare at it for 30 seconds, is grey.

No, I've never read any Harry Potter.