Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grand Opening!

I am now, officially, co-owner of the Sultan's Tent Partnership, a subsidiary of Shaw, Johnson & Jones Solutions and Consultations. Our "Grand Opening" is Friday, September the First, in the Two Thousand and Sixth Year of Our Lord. We'll be having several hookahs set up, probably grilling, most likely drinking. You are all invited.

takin' care of business


Anonymous said...

I'll be there. In spirit. In body I think I will be lurking around the basement of the Theatre. But my mind will be filled with pleasant thoughts of clogging up my arteries with burgers, becoming tipsy on mead and ruining my lungs with smoking. Siiiigh.

qdlmlmkt: A Scandinavian phrase meaning "I'm going to go buy a duck."

John said...

I have rehearsal.


hypfqgde: n. a hypnotist in the process of getting his or her first glance at a being from strange stars. (roll Sanity)