Saturday, November 22, 2008

Used to be so good...

This whole blogging thing. I used to be more regular with it. I must not have as much to say.

Or more likely, I get too distracted by the intarweebs and forget I have things to say. Or that I could say. Or even would say. Or whatever.

I'm a month into the new job. Overall early impressions are good, both mine of the employer and the employer of me. I'm one of three employees, with the boss' wife making three and a half since she does the book-keeping. That means it's a much more intimate job than what I'm used to. With Best Buy in general, and Geek Squad in specific, it was very easy to blend into the background noise on most days. Just do the work, get my check, go home. I can't do that so much at Right Click. What with the Boss working right next to me on the computers. Most of the time, it's ok. But he's a very...particular person. And I'm still practicing his particular process. I feel like an apprentice of sorts. A journeyman level, at the least, but my boss is at least a level or two ahead of me. I wouldn't call him an artisan, but master for sure. So I carry on in my Journeyman Technician tutelage. It's a good job. I'm actually learning things. There's a whole lot more real potential for growth in my current job than anything I've done in the past. We're looking at a new location sometime in the near future. A much bigger place than our current (adequate) hole in the wall. And the initial problems I had seem to be fading. When I first started, most days I went in to work wondering if this was the day I would get fired. It might not have seemed quite so bad if I hadn't had so many very sudden dismissals in recent job history. It makes a man a might jumpy. But in talking with the boss this past week, and today even, there's strong hints of a possible raise or other bonus of some kind. Apparently even with the learning curve, I'm doing enough of what I'm supposed to be doing to make the money worth it. And that's saying something given the size of the operation and the current economic roller coaster.

Last night after work I hopped down the road to Little Dooey's to hear Bret Blackshear play some blues. That, alone, was worth the "trip" but several rennies showed up (plus the food was good) so a good time was had. Kristie, aka Cricket, brought her violin with her from a recording session with Bret's wife Kathleen, so she got up and fiddled a piece or two. All told, the crowd of friends and Bret made for a very amusing time.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Yay food!

This weekend upcoming I get to go up to Boone and watch App play football and other such fun activities with my dearest. It'll be nice to spend some time together without half a dozen or better teens running around. This weekend I had to work one day (today) but tomorrow I have off. A day with no obligations. I don't have ren-faire. I don't have to find a job. I don't have to do this or that to the car. I'll likely go to church. But even then, I'll still get to sleep in compared to a work day. Huzzah!

Christmas swiftly approaches! I'm excited this year for several reasons. Not the least of which is not having to worry about driving home. I'm at one of them already. Solves that little issue. I also actually have money I can spend on people. And I'm not saying that the only gift you can give is an expensive one. But even creative, personal gifts are hard to come by when you have less than no money like I have in the past. I'm catching up, saving, and I'll still have more than enough to give gifts to everyone. It's a nice feeling.

Also: it's cold outside. This makes me happy. Now if only it would snow. Here, Hannah. Boone doesn't do me much good as I don't live there.

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