Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ironic Posting is Ironic.

It's ironic because this will be the 411th post on this blog and it's inspired by communication and information. Oh, my life is so deep.

This won't be long. It's 3AM and I have a Spanish exam in eight hours. It shouldn't amaze me as much as it does that my spirit, my mood is lifted so much just from hearing from a friend or loved one that I haven't talked to in a while. It's not like this is a new phenomenon for me. But I always manage to forget. At least this way it's always a pleasant surprise when it happens, yes?

My baby sister (I shouldn't think of her that way anymore, but bear with this old[ish] man for a bit) graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill this weekend. John Grisham gave the commencement address and did a right good job of it. Chase and I came to Raleigh the day before (Saturday), caught Iron Man 2 with Jerod (it was wicked awesome) and then grilled some very tasty burgers. Every time I come up/out/east, it gets a little harder to come back to Salisbury. I love my hometown, but there's a lot of potential for a lot of awesome in [Insert Local Colloquialism for Raleigh here]. To conclude, I'm very proud of my sister. Go, Jenna, go!

Exams are almost done. You have no idea how much this pleases me. But of course, Spanish would be hanging around to be the last to leave. Like that annoying party guest you don't remember inviting that tries to hijack the event and then lingers around trying to corner you about one thing or another. Oh well.

My iPod is borked but good. This is an irritant. I don't have portable music. Further evidence of a need for income. But I've been putting applications out there. My fingers are crossed.

I think I'm supposed to be angry and venty about something else, right? Hmm. Nah. My ADD kicked in. I'm bored with angry. I think I'll just go read some Dresden files instead of studying.

Screw the snippet. Just listen to this song.

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