Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall, Official

Happy Birthday to my brother, Jerod! How's that "responsible adult" thing going so far? Heh.

Classes plod along. I continue to be frustrated by the general tendency of Lowest Common Denominator found at RCCC. It's awful and elitist of me, I know. And there are bright students to be found. But they are not my intellectual peers. Mostly because most of the bright kids here are, well, kids. Sadly, that's mostly my fault. If I'd have stuck in school, I'd have had more people my own age that can keep up with me intellectually. But I do well enough. I never thought I'd miss the "halcyon" days of East Rowan High School. Feh. Old man is old.

My Eldar Army, it is built and painted. It looks pretty good! But I'm not sure what color or style I want to use for the bases. They're currently painted green, awaiting green flock. But I've been pondering a wasteland or snow/frostscape. I'll flip a coin or something later. John's getting a Tau army! Soon, I'll have an army to face up against! A new army! Eldar v. Tau. Squishy v. Squishy. Unless I want to break out spess mahreens v. Tau. Hammer v. Squishy!!!

I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and started exercising again. Man. I got out of shape bad. I was crazy heavy and sluggish. Gotta fix that. Once again I face the paradox of my left (read: NOT busted) leg being the one that cramps up on the tibial anterior, not my busted-to-hell right leg. It boggles the mind! But it feels good to get out there. I hope I have enough money in my financial aid refund to rejoin the YMCA or another gym with a better price. But the Y is closer. We shall see. I'll be exercising no matter what, but the elliptical machine is easier on my knee.

And good things coming next week. Although I want to punch the anthropomorphic representation of RCCC in the face until dollar coins pop out of its nose. Holding my financial aid ransom until next week! When they will MAIL it!!! ARGH!!!

boy, you're gonna carry that weight

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